Ghaziabad Journalist Vikram Joshi Murder: Updated News

Journalist Vikram Joshi Murder

There has been an increase in uproar in Ghaziabad after the murder of journalist Vikram Joshi. Kalanidhi Nathani, Senior Superintendent of police has said that Chhotu and Ravi being the main accused in the case, have been arrested. Also, all the illegal weapons have been recovered from them.

The in charge of the local police has also been removed by the police. Moreover, the dead body of Vikram has been refused by the family to take it. They also said that when the murderers will be caught then only we will take the dead body from the hospital.

The police have arrested a total of 9 accused in this case so far also, with the search of the accused is in process. A grant of 10 lakh rupees to the dependents of the deceased and a job to the wife of the journalist has been announced by the Yogi Government.

Journalist Vikram Joshi’s short video has also been surfaced. The video shows that suddenly some crooks attack the journalist in the middle of the road. Before shooting him down they have beaten the journalist Vikram Joshi badly.

Final Words

These kinds of incidents are happening in Indian states in a regular manner. Now the question arises that is there any law and order in the State? What steps the Yogi Government has taken and should take in the future to control the crime rate in the state. Share your views in the comment section.

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