Gen Lock Season 2 Is In Working- What is The Actual Releasing Status?

Do You Know What Michael B Jordan Tweeted About The Gen Lock Season 2? We Have All The Updates And News About This Upcoming Animated Series.

Gen Lock Season 2

Wanting to know what happens with the Neuro-Science team in the Gen Lock Season 2, you are not alone in this list. Every Gen Lock fan has the same question in their mind, in this, we are going to give honest answers to our reader’s questions.

Make sure you read the article till the end 🙂

Gen Lock Season 2

Genlock is an American animated series. Gen Lock is created by Gray Haddock. The series is produced by the other name Rooster Teeth. The story is a bit different from what we have seen in most of the animated ones.

The story starts fifty years ago in the future, an unusual force wanted to damage the earth in order to vanish its existence. Seeing this destruction a team is hired to overcome the situation. This anime is basically a complete science-fiction type.

In this, you are going to see neuroscience, rockets, universe space, and a lot more. See what users said on this

“Strong cast and compelling story. After watching 3 episodes I am still hungry for more.”

“The animation is a feast for the eyes and at the end of each episode, I feel like it just started.”

“Can’t wait to see this story develop and the world to expand.”

The fans are waiting for the second season, just after the first season end. But many of you have heard this statement that it is going to be CANCELLED, but this is a completely fake assumption.

I know now you must be wondering about the releasing status, if so then the next section is for you.

Gen Lock Season 2 Release Date

Talking about Gen Lock 2, many of the fans are thinking that the show is canceled but it is just fake news, in fact, the show is alive and currently in work. This tweet of Michael B. Jordan has waved this false assumption from the minds of its fans.

But the fans are still angry because the creators have taken a lot of time for the release and still there is no official release for the Gen Lock part 2 but soon we will get the official release date, now you must live peacefully, the genlock fans 😉

Gen Lock Season 3

Cast And Crew Gen Lock Season 2

We don’t have the exact star cast but yes we can assume that the old cast will remain the same because the old is gold. Maybe some of the new characters are added in the series, just to make this animated one more interesting.

Have a look at the old star cast and crew of the Gen Lock 🙂

  • Michael B Jordan as Julian Chase
  • David Tennant as Dr.Rufus Weller
  • Dakota Fanning as Miranda Worth
  • Maisie Williams as Cameron Cammie MacCloud
  • Asia Kate Dillion as Valentina Romanyszyn
  • Monica Rial as Col Raquel Marin
  • Gray G Haddock as Leon August
  • Miles Luna as Miguel Migas Garza
  • Lawrence Sonntag as Able
  • Koichi Yamadera as Kazu Iida
  • Dakota Fanning as Miranda Worth

Gen Lock Season 2

Gen Lock IMDb

According to the IMDb, it has given a total of 7.4 stars out of 10 which is generous, I think to meanwhile the rotten tomatoes have given this a 86% from its Tomatometer.

You can also read the audience reviews that we have mentioned below.

Anime we were waiting for

“I’m just 2 episodes in the series, and I felt compelled to write a review. Gen: Lock filled a void that was present in the animated sci-fi genre.
It has emotional depth, intelligent writing, excellent humor (most notably in Dr. Weller and Miguel Garza as comic relief), and likable characters that are wonderfully cast. It feels like a lovechild of Robotech, Ghost In The Shell, and XCOM, so what’s there not to like?”
Gen Lock Season 2

Makes an impact

Strong cast and compelling story. After watching 3 episodes I am still hungry for more. The animation is a feast for the eyes and at the end of each episode, I feel like it just started. Can’t wait to see this story develop and the world to expand.”

To infinity and beyond!

Sensational series! A technology show with a very intense and very funny narrative.”
Gen Lock Season 2

Beautiful Gen Lock Wallpapers

gen lock season 2

gen lock season 2

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Final Words

The above article is completely inspired by Gen Lock and it’s upcoming season. Season one has got good reviews from the audience even the ratings are also good. We have also added some of the Wallpapers from the Gen Lock.

We have tried to make this article a complete piece of information, if you find this informative then let us know in our comment section below, and still, you have any query related to Gen Lock then feel free to ask us directly in our comment section, we would lo

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-How many Season Gen Lock have?

A-Gen Lock has about only one season yet, the American animated series which is created by Gray Haddock. The second installment is in work and will be going to be released soon as stated by Michael B. Jordan.

Q-What is the actual release date of the Gen Lock Season 2?

A-There is no actual date for Gen Lock 2 but it was assuming that it will be on our screen in the year 2021, this is just an estimation. For the actual release, you have to wait for a little bit.

Q-Is Gen Lock an anime?

A-Genlock is an American animated series which is created by Gray Haddock and produced by the Rooster Tooth. The very first have about 8 episodes and the second episode is in working and going to be released soon.

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