Gate Season 3 Release Date: Epectations & Realty

No One Knows What Holds, That's" Why Its Potential Is Infinite"-Gate Season 3 what an epic anime. Read the complete detail regarding the release, cast and a lot more.

Gate Season 3

Based on the Light Novel with the same name, Gate is an anime series written by Takumi Yanai & illustrated by Kurojishi & Daisuke Izuka. After publishing Gate Novel in from April 12, 2010, to December 22, 2011, it was quickly revised into a manga series. The manga series started off in 2011 & is still running strong in 2020. In between, there have been Gate Season 3.

As its popularity was at its peak, we got to see Gate season 1 and Gate season 2 in the year 2015-2016. Comprising of 24 episodes, Gate was later added to the Netflix anime library. Now, coming to this post, here I’ll introduce you to the Gate anime series (If you haven’t seen it yet) and update with any latest news regarding the release of Gate Season 3 on Netflix.

Gate Anime Series Plot Summary

Gate anime sets in a modern and fantasy world where a portal to another world opens up mysteriously. Because of this phenomenon, soldiers and monsters of the different world arrive in Japan & launches a full-scale invasion on Earth.

Within no-time, the invaders from the other world turned Ginza district into flames. In retaliation, the Japanese Self-Defense force went into complete counterattack mode. After this, JSDF used their complete might to force out the invaders out of the earth.
Gate Season 3

Now, talking about the main protagonist, this anime follows a 33-years-old character Youji Itami. As part of the JSDF task force, he’s chosen as leader of the special reconnaissance team for a special Region.

Despite fighting off countless enemies, Youji, and his team starts aiding the locals selflessly. In fact, for once, they saved Princess Piña Co Lada from a ruthless dragon & a band of marauders. In return, they gained the valuable trust of the locals.

As the story progressed, things starting to go bad for Youji as he discredited Crown Prince Zorzal. Because of this unforeseen betrayal and humiliation, Zorzal forms a group against him.

Further, takes over the armies of the special region and plans to take revenge against Japan. He instructs his troops to destroy the locals by disguising them in camouflage. As a result of this, Havoc is wreaked upon the locals. His plan was to trigger the locals and declare an-out war on Japan.

However, the JSDF doesn’t fear this and plats to rescue Emperor Molt Sol Augustus, Princess Piña Co Lada, and anti-war senators from the Imperial Capital. Throughout the anime series, JSDF always had to struggle with the Gate and Prince Zorzal.

Gate Season 3

Gate Previous Seasons  Release Date

Started out in 2015, Gate season 1 and Gate Season 2 concluded by the end of the 1st quarter in 2016. To be exact, Gate season 2 finale premiered on March 26, 2016.

Now, 4.5 years later in 2020, is there news of when Gate Season 3 will air? More importantly – Will, there be season 3 or not?

Gate Season 3 Release

Well yeah, for the starters, there’ll surely be Gate Season 3. There’s no doubt here. Although, there’s no official confirmation on it yet. With some recent leaks, there’s a buzz going on in the anime community.

I believe by the end of 2020 or early 2021, we’ll have the much-anticipated Gate Season 3 with the alien storyline that will be available on Netflix.

What do you think about this? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section given at the end of this post.

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What Will Happen In Gate Season 3

The shows have a mix of features fantasy and action. But the season 3 date is not announced by the creators. It could come at the end of the year 2020. I know you guys are waiting for season 3 for the past about more than 4year.

Now You guys are thinking about what will happen in the Gate Season 3? What is the story for season 3? Is it will be as interesting as the previous seasons? A lot more queries right.

But for the answer to the question you have to wait a bit more because there is no information is released regarding the next season but if we get any information related to the Gate Season 3 plot or about the release date we will update in the article 🙂 but till you can check out these amazing animes as well know their complete details in or the previous article have a look readers Monster Musume Season 2.

Here we have a video for you regarding the Gate Season 3 release.

Gate Season 3 Characters

Gate anime series has plenty of characters. However, the primary characters include Even though there are many characters in the anime series, the main ones are

  • Rory Mercury
  • Youji Itami
  • Princess Piña Co Lada
  • Tuka Luna Marceau
  • Lelei la Lalena

Gate Season 3

Gate Season 3 Expectations & Reality

I’ve read the manga version of the gate anime series. If the anime goes by the same storyline then you can expect Gate Season 3 to follow ‘Gate: Weigh Anchor novels.

This series of novels follows the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Forces. So, no JSDF here. As per the manga, JMSDF is exploring the world &by mistake enters into the other world.

This opens the portal to the Xenomorph homeworld. And within no-time, creatures start entering into the Special Region. Remember, this will only happen if A-1 pictures are successful in locking the deal to use the Alien Franchise.

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Gate Season 3 First Look

Have you check out the latest season 3 First look. If no then below we have a trailer of the Season 3 of the anime. Cheers 🙂


Final Words

When Gate light novel was released in 2010, its popularity was limited to novel readers. However, 5 years later in 2015 when it was released as anime, it became a super hit anime. Thanks to all the fans 🙂

B.T.W., its stardom was not limited to this. Later, Netflix the rights and Gate Season 1 and Gate Season 2 to their anime library. I along with millions of Gate anime series fans seriously hope to see Gate Season 3 on Netflix or any other anime streaming platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Is Gate season 3 of anime is out?

A- No, season 2 is not released yet but it is possibly going to be released in the year 2020 but the date is not confirmed yet.

Q- What is the anime gate is about?

A- The anime gate is a popular

Q-Is Gate Anime is over?

A-The gate anime is not over yet, it will be stated at the starting of the gate one season that they will have about 3 seasons of this anime. Only 2 is released yet and possibly 3rd season is going to be released in the year 2020.

Q- Who has written the anime Gate?

A-The anime gate is written by Takumi Yanai.

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