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Have you ever thought of a gate that opens up to a different world?

If not, then you must watch “Gate!”.

Gate is the anime that is based on the portal that opens into a different world.

Gate is a fantasy novel series that originated in Japan.

Takumi Yanai is the writer of the novel that ran from 2006 to 2009.

Daisuke Izuka and Kurojishi are the illustrators of the light novel that ran from 12th April 2010 to 3rd July 2015.

The light novel consists of 10 volumes originally and 20 of bunkobon.

Satoru Sao is the illustrator of the Manga that came into existence on 30th July 2011 and is still running.

It consists of 18 volumes.

Takahiko Kyogoku is the director, and Tatsuhiko Urahata is the writer of the anime TV series.

Nobuhiro Nakayama, Teppei Ota, and Nobuhiro Osawa are the producers of the anime.

The anime ran from 4th July 2015 to 26th March 2016 with 24 episodes.

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The Plot of the Anime Gate:

GSTE SEASON 3The series is a disparity between the modern and the fantasy world. The story starts with the opening of a portal from another globe in Tokyo. Many monsters, as well as soldiers from that portal, enter Japan through it. They launch a full-scale invasion on earth, resulting in destruction. Japan finds it difficult to defend its country from the invaders as they turned Ginza’s district into flames rapidly.

After experiencing such destruction, the Self-defense forces of Japan plans to counterattack the invaders, pushing them back to the place from where they originated. After achieving their goal, the JSDF (Japanese Self-Defense Forces) decides to use this opportunity by establishing a Forward Operating Base (FOB) on the other side of the Gate. This step will help them to get prepared and fight with the invaders in the future.

The story revolves around Youji Itami, a 33-year-old man who is a part of a special reconnaissance team known as Special Region. This team works on the other side of the gate, and the team is a part of the JSDF task force. They start to explore the Special Region. It fights back with the invaders and goes through several attacks. Despite fighting, they selflessly aid the locals living there.

Princess Pina Co Lada is also one of the locals living there. Locals suffered a lot after the attack of a dragon and a band of raiders. The team soon wins the trust of the locals along with the extension of the Japanese forces over there.

At the beginning of the story, everything works according to Youji. But things started changing for bad when he dishonours Crown Prince Zorzal. Feeling dishonoured, Crown Prince forms a group against him. After taking this humiliation personally, he takes command over the armies of the Special Region and decides to take revenge from Japan. Crown Prince destroys the locals by the trick and blames the Special Region. By doing this, he wanted them to initiate a war against Japan.

He wanted to raise the anger of the locals for the destruction and instigated them to have a war.Even after knowing about such a scenario, Japanese forces don’t feel discouraged. They plan a rescue mission to save the locals who were against the war. They also save Princess Pina Co Lada and Emperor Molt Sol Augustus. Crown Prince imprisoned them in the Imperial Capital to avoid the interruption.

Japan is prepared to deal with all the monsters, dragons, soldiers, and Prince Zorzal. They have to deal with the Gate also, which is the link between the two different worlds.

The third season will be focusing on the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Forces rather than the JSDF. According to the previous chapters, JMSDF went on the other side of the Gate to explore that world. However, the story will get even more interesting when a portal to the Xenomorph homeworld opens, and the creatures over there will attack and damage the Special Region.

Release Date of Gate Thus the Jsdf Fought There Season 3:


When we take a look at the past seasons, we find that the second season premiered on 9th January 2016 and ended on 26th March 2016. The season finale took place five years ago, and still, there is no report regarding the third season. There is no official announcement made about it. Even then, fans are positive about the existence of Season 3. They believe that makers have plenty of time for the renewal of the series.

According to sources across the internet, the series may release sometime in 2021. As there is no official announcement made yet, let’s wait for it.

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The Cast of the Anime Gate:

  • Junichi Suwabe gave voice to Yoji Itami’s character
  • Haruka Tomatsu gave voice to Pina Co Lada’s character
  • Hisako Kanemoto gave voice to Tuka Luna Marceau’s character
  • Nao Toyama gave voice to Lelei La Lelean’s character
  • Risa Taneda gave voice to Rory Mercury’s character
  • Yoko Hikasa gave voice to Yao Haa Dushi’s character
  • Maaya Uchida gave voice to Shino Kuribayashi’s character
  • Hiroki Yasumoto gave voice to Akira Tomita’s character
  • Kaito Ishikawa gave voice to Takeo Kurata’s character
  • Satomi Akesaka gave voice to Mari Kurokawa’s character
  • Kanehira Yamamoto gave voice to Souichirou Kuwahara’s character
  • Daiki Hamano gave voice to Hitoshi Furuta’s character
  • Tetsuo Kanao gave voice to Taro Kano’s character

Imdb Rating of the Anime Gate:

7.5 out of 10 is the IMDb rating of the anime Gate.

Where Can We Watch the Anime Gate?

You can stream it online through the links above or download it from various platforms to watch it offline.

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The Gate anime has won the hearts of many people. Fans are eagerly waiting for a new season.

Until the release, keep watching Gate!

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