Galaxy Tab A8 Review: All You Need To Know About It!

As of right now, Samsung is pretty much the undisputed ruler of the admittedly fairly spotty Android tablet industry.

The company offers a variety of reliable slates that are priced to accommodate a variety of budgets.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is the device that sits on the opposite end of the spectrum from the ridiculously over-the-top Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

What About Its Appearance?

Featuring an elegant appearance, one or two notable bells and whistles, and an extremely enticing starting price of £219 (or $229 US), the product is available now.

If your budget won’t allow you to purchase something comparable to an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, this is an appealing alternative to consider.

Galaxy Tab A8

The box was kind enough to give us a review sample to evaluate.

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What About Its Design And Build?

The construction quality of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is, by a wide margin, the most stunning aspect of this tablet.

If you had given me this tablet when it was powered off and without any more information, I would have believed that it was a tablet of the middle-range variety that cost at least two times as much as it does.

This is a full-sized tablet with a body that is flat-edged yet slender at 6.9 millimetres, and the bezels around the screen are relatively thin.

It is almost as tall as an iPad when held in portrait orientation, but it is nowhere near as wide, and its weight of 508 grammes is about average for a 10 inch slate such as this one.

In addition to Silver and Pink Gold, my sample model also comes in Graphite, which has a very sophisticated and businesslike appearance (imagine a dark metallic grey).

What About More Features?

However, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8’s outstanding qualities are not limited to its outward appearance. Because the majority of its structure is composed of metal, holding it in your hand imparts a reassuring sense of stability.

The power button and volume controls are located on a plastic strip that runs along the edge of the device.

This strip also likely facilitates network communication (there are both Wi-Fi and LTE models available).

Galaxy Tab A8

When we are discussing buttons, one of the most glaring absences in this design is a fingerprint reader.

If you wish to prevent unauthorised access to your tablet, your only options are to use a cumbersome passcode input system or an unsafe and unreliable facial recognition technology.

Neither of these things is impressive.

What About Screen And Speakers?

Full High-Definition, also known as 1080p, is represented by the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8’s 10.5-inch display, which features a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels.

It has adequate sharpness for a budget tablet of this size, but because it uses a TFT LCD panel, the colours are muted and inaccurate, and the display is not very vivid.

IPS LCD panels have superior colour reproduction and wider viewing angles.

A gamut coverage of 82 per cent sRGB, 60 per cent Adobe RGB, and 63 per cent DCI P3 are certainly not fantastic, and an average Delta E of 4.39 is a considerable distance from the very finest.

To clarify one more point, it is preferable to reach as close to one as possible, and even a presentation that is just halfway good will get to around two.

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A peak brightness of 327 nits is good, but it does not stand out as exceptional.

Using the tablet outside, even in settings that are just moderately bright, will not be an enjoyable experience for you at all.

In other areas, the fact that it only has a basic refresh rate of 60Hz means that it does not feel very smooth.

However, Apple continues to use the 60Hz refresh rate for all of its iPads that are not Pro models, which is far lower than what one would anticipate in such an affordable tablet.

Specifications and Functionality?

The Unisoc Tiger T618 CPU, along with either 3 or 4 gigabytes of random access memory (RAM), powers the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8.

Although this is not the most well-known chip on the market, and you might have expected Samsung to utilise one of its own Exynos CPUs, the tablet nevertheless performs admirably for its price point.

The Geekbench 5 multi-core score of 1250 places it just above the Nokia T20 and nearly even with the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite in terms of the benchmark.

Galaxy Tab A8

It consistently scores one or two frames higher than the Nokia T20, as well as the earlier Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and Galaxy Tab S5e.

These improvements are attributed to the GPU.

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Check out the scores below and see how they stack up against competitors as well as the more costly Xiaomi Pad 5 to get an idea of the additional performance that is available if you are willing to pay more money.

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