Gabby Petito & Brian Laundrie’s Van Is Spotted on the Move as Web Sleuths Claim ‘angel’ Is Seen Hovering Overhead

Gabby Petito & Brian Laundrie's Van Is Spotted on the Move as Web Sleuths Claim 'angel' Is Seen Hovering Overhead

People who are looking at internet pictures think they saw an angel in the sky when Gabby Petito ‘s camper van was spotted.

People took pictures of what looked like the couple’s Ford Transit van on the back of a truck.

The photos are not known when they were taken. They did not know where the recovery truck was going.

People said they saw an angel in the sky.

One person tweeted: “Can we just enjoy the cloud angel that is over it?”

Another person also saw it. It was an angel looking into the van through the roof.
A third web sleuth said, “Oh wow, that’s cool.”

Gabby’s dad Joe Petito shared a photo of the vlogger. She is standing On the front of a mural with angel wings.

The snap was uploaded to Instagram minutes after the FBI announced that they found a body.

The man put a photo on the internet. Alongside it, he wrote a caption that said, “She touched the world.” He used a broken heart emoji to show sadness.

And, an eight-foot “angel” mural honoring the Youtuber vlogger has been designed in her hometown of Blue Point, New York. Greater Long Island reports.

Internet sleuths tried to help the FBI. They tried to find Gabby.

Gabby shared posts about her mental health before she died. One of the posts said, “existence is pain.” That makes people worry.

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The woman shared an image of the artificial humanoid creature Mr. Meeseeks from the sci-fi show Rick and Morty. The caption was above the picture.

A picture of a person’s face that was uploaded on Instagram last year also caused people to be worried.

The person wrote messages on the drawing. One of the messages says, “I don’t like to go outside. I like my bed.”

Another person says, “Don’t worry. I’m not sleeping. I am just closing my eyes.”

Some people who watch Gabby’s videos think her art reflected her fears. They thought she might be killed one day.


Some people are convinced that her posts were coded messages. Some people said, “Is she trying to say that she is sad?”

On July 31th, 2020, the 22-year-old vlogger posted two pictures of herself on Instagram.

The first picture showed her wearing a gray top and white pants.

Gabby Petito captioned one post: “I’m blue da ba dee da ba daa.” Gabby Petito is happy😃

The vlogger said that people should paint their houses blue. The window should be blue, and the car too. Everything should be blue for him because he likes it.

Gabby’s caption referred to a song by Eiffel 65 called “Blue (Da Ba Dee).” They think the song means “sad,” but it could also mean something else.

People think that Gabby’s fiancé is alive. They found his emails and updated his Pinterest account.

One detective, Ian Scott, said: “When I first looked at Brian Laundrie’s email account, I posted that there was activity on September 18. Now the latest Info is showing activity for October 15.”

The armchair detective thought that either Laundrie was active or someone hacked his account, but it’s also possible that the Feds are checking.


There is no evidence to show that Laundrie has been active on his emails.

Web detectives say that Laundrie made a playlist called “Self-consumption” on Spotify after Gabby Petito disappeared.

They also said their name is changed to Nomadic Statik – this is the name of the YouTube channel that Brian and Gabby Petito created.

The remains of a woman named Gabby Petito were found on September 19 in Wyoming. Coroners ruled out a natural death before confirming that she died from strangulation.

A YouTuber who started a cross-country road trip with Laundrie vanished just weeks after they left.

Brain Laundrie returned home to Florida on September 1 without his fiancée. He was reported missing days later by his parents Chris and Roberta.

The police are looking for a fugitive. They haven’t found him yet. They are still searching in the Carlton Reserve in Sarasota, Florida.

Laundrie told his parents that he was going on a hike in the nature park.

There has been caught sight of this animal in other parts of Florida, Montana, Canada, and Mexico. But most leads did not go anywhere.

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