Furbo Dog Camera Is All That You Dog Would Need! Explained!

A pit bull is like a home security system: if someone comes to the door, Bradley will let me know. My Furbo Dog Camera is the second line of defence.

It allows me to keep an eye on Brad and my house from anywhere. $249 With crisp 1080p footage even in the dark, barking warnings and two-way audio, Furbo is an interior home security camera and dog nanny all in one.

The nicest part is that you can give your dog goodies while out and about.

The Furbo Dog Camera is expensive compared to typical security cameras, but it’s worth every penny because it keeps your dog and home secure.

Hence our Editors Pick for pet cameras.

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What About The Specifications?

The Furbo is 8.86 inches tall with a 4.72 by 5.91-inch oval base (LW).

1080p camera with 160-degree wide-angle lens, 4x digital zoom, and automatic infrared night vision. It also has a reward tosser, a barking sensor, and a microphone.

The bottom has a status light, the inner has a cavern for treats (up to 100 depending on size), and the top is natural bamboo wood for a sleek, appealing design.

It includes a 90-day free trial of Furbo Dog Nanny, a subscription service with extra features.

Furbo Dog Camera

Using the two-way audio capability, you can hear and speak to your dog, toss treats, receive barking alarms, and shoot photos and videos.

The Dog Nanny includes event-based cloud recording, a Doggie Diary feature that makes a 60-second highlight film of your dog’s day, scheduling support, and AI-powered smart alarms.

Furbo’s smart alerts notify you when your dog is active, gazing directly at the camera (a selfie), and barking, whimpering, or wailing for over a minute.

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How Will It Detect?

A person is detected, or your smoke or carbon monoxide alarm goes off.

When it senses activity or barking from people or dogs, the Furbo takes 15-second video clips.

The software saves these videos for 24 hours.

If you wish to keep them longer, you can store them in your smartphone’s internal storage.

No subscription is required to monitor your pet, communicate with it, give it goodies, and take screenshots or record video from the live broadcast to your phone.

Without a subscription, the Bites 2 captures 10-second video clips that are deleted four hours later.

A monthly subscription of $5.99 includes three days of video history, 30-second video snippets, up to ten video downloads each month, and smart alarms that can distinguish between barks, meows, people, and other noises.

What About Its Setup?

The first step in setting up the Furbo is to choose a location.

Place it 12 to 20 inches above the floor, depending on your dog’s height, in a common area.

It features three pieces of 3M double-sided tape on

the bottom to keep it from falling over if you’re afraid your dog would.

I placed the Furbo on my TV stand, which gave me a great view of my living and dining rooms.

Instructions for setup are included in the box.

To begin, simply plug it in and wait for the device’s status light to turn green.

Furbo Dog Camera

Once you’ve downloaded and registered the Furbo app (for Android or iOS), the app will lead you through the rest of the setup.

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To set up a device, the app asks whether or not the status light is green.

When asked to connect your phone with the Furbo through Bluetooth, accept.

The app finds your Furbo through Bluetooth and asks for Wa i-Fi network and password.

Then it asks where your Furbo is; I choose Living Room.

You can name your Furbo device; I chose Living Room.

The software lets you introduce the Furbo to your dog once set up.

When appropriately introduced, dogs will have a “good association” with Furbo, according to the app.

It Can Also Treat!

It says to put your dog’s favourite treat in the Furbo.

Your Furbo treats should be dry, firm, spherical, and 0.4-0.5 inches in diameter.

Then I filled it with Savory Salmon Blue Bits(Which opens in a new window).

They mostly worked with the Furbo, but occasionally got trapped and didn’t shoot out due to not being dry, firm, or round.

The rewards inside the device should be visible to your dog, according to Furbo.

Allow your dog to approach and sniff the Furbo to familiarise it.

Furbo Dog Camera

Then, hand-toss a treat close to the Furbo so your dog links the Furbo with treat time.

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The app explains to you how to use the Furbo to toss a treat to your dog and has your practice.

The Furbo makes a barking sound when it’s about to give your dog a treat to help develop a good association.

My dog isn’t extremely treat motivated, but he quickly learned and ate all the Furbo’s treats (it tosses two to three at a time).

Initially, the treats fell beneath the couch due to my placement, so I had to make a slight change.

What About Furbo UI?

Bottom of the Furbo app: Home, Furbo Dog Nanny, and Menu.

To begin monitoring your pet, go to the home screen and press play.

It will then open the live video feed in full-screen mode.

You may snap a video or photo, toss a treat, and speak to your pet using the microphone at the bottom of the stream.

On the main screen, it shows a total of barking, activity, person, and selfie notifications, with 15 seconds of video for each.

There’s a timeline of events underneath them.

Furbo Dog Camera

In the Furbo Dog Nanny feature, you may watch and download your dog’s day.

If you’re frequently away from home, this is a handy feature.

Menu accesses help content (FAQ and live customer service) and camera settings.

The setup allows you to adjust your camera’s name, video quality (360p, 720p, or 1080p), night vision (on/off/auto), treat toss sound, speaker level, and scheduling (so the Furbo automatically turns on during your selected times).

You can also change the sensitivity of the barking alert and eliminate the default alerts (human, selfie, activity, continuous barking, dog crying, dog wailing, CO/smoke alarm, and when the device is unplugged from Wi-Fi or power).

What About Its Performance?

The Furbo has a broad field of view and crisp images.

During testing, the automated infrared night vision allowed me to see and hear my dog.

It has a 1080p camera with a 160-degree field of vision, but the Furbo has better picture quality.

The Furbo’s video looks good in daylight. Night vision is good to eight feet.

Aside from that, I never experienced false positives from Furbo’s barking, dog activity, or person alerts.

Because I work from home and we’re in a global pandemic, I rarely go out.

It’s great to check on my dog and treat him when I’m away.

The treat tossing feature is fantastic.

Furbo suggests using it to distract your agitated, pacing, licking, or barking dog. As a reward for stopping any of those behaviours.

The treat flinging sound became instantly favourable for Brad.

He knows now to go over to the Furbo and wait for a treat.

I can see the treats coming out of the Furbo, and Brad always picks them up.

The barking alarms were quite useful.

When the app alerts me that Brad is barking, I access the video stream to check.

I grab his attention by speaking into the microphone.

When he hears my voice, he starts pacing near the front entrance, puzzled.

In testing, Alexa worked fine (Google Assistant isn’t supported).

I could toss treats with my voice after enabling the Furbo skill in the Alexa app.

“Alexa, tell Furbo to toss a treat,” and it does.

Watch the live feed or your Doggy Diary on an Echo Show, set up automatic treat-tossing routines, and even connect the Furbo to other smart home devices using Alexa voice commands.

This light is useful. A white light implies the Furbo is on, a yellow light means it’s off, blue light means it’s on, and a purple light means no Wi-Fi.

The business claims dogs can distinguish blue for interactive mode and yellow for slumber mode.

Your dog may learn that the blue light indicates your presence.

One of my few issues with the Furbo is the frequency of the alerts.

Furbo Dog Camera

If I walk in front of the camera, it will notify my phone that a person has been detected.

You can always disable certain alerts if you feel bothered by too many.

The occurrences will still be recorded, but you won’t be notified on your phone.

The Furbo wouldn’t connect to the app at first, but it could have been due to my phone’s connection or me updating the Furbo software.

Other than that, I had no difficulty connecting.

What Are The Concluding Remarks?

The $250 Furbo is a great option for keeping an eye on your dog while you’re away.

These features, together with its two-way audio and treat flinging capabilities, help explain its premium price.

Furbo has better video quality than the Petcube Bites 2 and provides subscription features like selfie notifications and highlight videos of your dog’s day, earning it our Editors’ Choice for pet cameras.

It’s also frequently discounted, making it a better value.

To keep an eye on your pet and not remotely feed them, ordinary security cameras work perfectly and can save you a lot of money.

For example, the Wyze Cam Pan for $30 includes a mechanical pan and tilt, motion tracking, and free cloud and local storage.

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