Fortnite’s Terminator Challenge

Fortnite’s Terminator Challenge

The Fortnite Terminator Challenge

Hasta La Vista Chicken Dinner!

From the Avengers to the X-Men to Batman to Travis Knight to Darth Vader, Fortnite’s collabs has become some sort of collection of what was big in recent years, as well as those that continue to be recognizable. And recently, it seems like Fortnite has been going to the movies and is having a blast in the past with it. The most recent of which is James Cameron’s sci-fi classic Terminator. So, get to the Fortnite item shop, buy the skins, and take up the Terminator challenge!

80s Movie Magic Meets Fortnite Battle Royale

For some reason, Fortnite Battle Royale has been having collabs with 80s movie franchises that have Arnold Schwarzenegger in it. A few weeks ago it was Predator, which is both a bit strange addition to the game because of how bloody the movie was, and fitting at the same time because of how crazy the assortment and crossovers in battle royale Fortnite have become. After all, who wouldn’t want to see the deadly, cunning, and brutal high-tech tribal alien hunter floss?

Fortnite’s Terminator Challenge

Now it’s Terminator’s turn, an equally iconic movie during what is considered as the peak of entertainment cinema. It’s not exactly for kids, but it’s definitely a safer choice compared to Predator, so it’s weird how it came after the former. Nevertheless, it’s still a good thing that one of James Cameron’s biggest movies (if not the biggest) finally made its way to this pop cultural Battle Royale phenomenon.

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Endoskeleton Underneath the Skin

This crossover means the arrival of Terminator-themed skins to the Epic Games store. Unfortunately, Epic Games didn’t have a variation of the Fortnite skin that looks like the one and only Governator, complete with a leather jacket and shades. Instead, we got the endoskeleton look. You know, the one whose head unit looks like a skull and has glowing red eyes. It’s just as iconic and much more menacing, so it’s not all bad.

Also, while we never get to see the T-800 fly in the movies, we definitely will here in Fortnite Battle Royale. Or rather, glide down to the map, and it does so in style, as it rides this really cool glider that has a laser for taillights.

The T-800 is worth 1,500 V-Bucks, so we hope you saved enough for it.

Aside from the T-800, the Epic Store also added other Terminator-related things you can buy. The biggest one of them is the Sarah Connor skin, which is actually pricier than the T-800. Linda Hamilton has always been a cool beauty ever since the ‘80s, and even in the recent Terminator: Dark Fate she’s still a badass, looking good and fit and kicking Skynet’s behind. The Sarah Connor skin, however, actually looks softer than how Sarah Connor has traditionally been portrayed in the franchise.

Fortnite’s Terminator Challenge

It’s unavoidable, considering that it’s the game’s art style, and that’s okay. Because despite that, she doesn’t look anything like Emilia Clarke (who also played Sarah Connor in Terminator: Genisys). Instead, the Sarah Connor skin looks like a stylized classic Linda Hamilton Sarah Connor, complete with that iconic tank top, tactical pants, utility harness and belt, and military boots. The Sarah Connor skin also comes with two variants: one with the iconic round sunglasses and black bull cap, and the other where you can clearly see her face and hair.

How to Accomplish the Fortnite Terminator Challenge

To start with the Terminator Challenge, you need to first unlock and get the T-800 skin, and the only Fortnite weapon you can use is a lever-action shotgun because that’s what the T-800 used for most of the movie. You also need to get as many bounties. Basically, the Terminator challenge is all about trying to recreate a hell of a ride of what Arnold Schwarzenegger does around California.

Shame we don’t get to have a more Arnold-like Terminator so that the Fortnite Terminator challenge can be more faithful to the film, but hey, this is better than nothing. You also need to only do metal builds. Since, you know, you’re a Terminator. Once you finish the Terminator challenge, congratulations; you’ve become a full-fledged resistance killer. For more movie cheesiness, don’t forget to say “Hasta la Vista, Baby”. Yeah, Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t exactly say that in Terminator 1, but hey, it’s become a phenomenal, cool and popular staple in the franchise.

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As for the Sarah Connor Challenge, well, there’s no official challenge, but you can just go around and shoot as many players wearing the T-800 skin.

Fortnite’s Terminator Challenge

So, what do you think of Fortnite’s crossover with one of the most important and coolest sci-fi movies of all time? Do you agree with Epic Games move of working with a lot of movie franchises and dropping them in the island? Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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