Football’s Most Heated Moments Ever! Including Roy Keane’s Removal

Football Player Roy Keane

Cause baby. Now we got bad blood! Football can be a nerve-racking game as the players, and the managers try to give their best without letting their temper get the best of them. However, conflicts end up happening and are a part of the football fraternity.

From social media jabs to slandering in interviews to physical altercations, the industry has seen all. From Darren Bent’s ‘not-so-G’ rated rant about Daniel Levy to Roy Keane’s infamous World Cup expulsion here are five most fiery feuds that will go down in football history:

Darren Brent VS. Daniel Levy

In 2009, exasperated at the delay to complete his move to Sunderland, the ex-Tottenham footballer in a series of angry tweets called out the chairman, Daniel Levy to ‘stop f****** around’. Brent later apologized upon reflecting on his actions.

He was fined £100,000 and eventually his move to Sunderland went through for a fee of £16.5 million.

Roy Keane VS. Mick McCarthy

Unhappy at Ireland’s travel arrangements, strategy, diet, and McCarthy’s training, Roy Keane expressed his displeasure with Irish Times. Infuriated at the article, McCarthy accused Keane of faking an injury in a playoff against Iran.

It further angered Keane. In an all-out rant, the footballer called McCarthy a ‘f****** w*****’ and told him to ‘stick your World Cup up you’re a***.’ McCarthy later held a press conference announcing Keane’s expulsion from the 2002 World Cup.

Delio Rossi VS. Adem Ljajić

In 2012, the ex-Fiorentina coach outraged at Serbian Adem Ljajic’s sarcastic round of applause for pulling him in favor of Ruben Olivera, lunged at him, grabbing him around the throat, falling into the dugout and sending blows to his head. Rossi was immediately fired from his managerial position.

Nicolas Anelka VS. Raymond Domenech

After a foul-mouthed tirade at coach Raymond Domenech during the 2-0 defeat to Mexico, France kicked their star striker Nicolas Anelka out of the 2010 World Cup. The angry footballer told manager Domenech to ‘go f*** yourself you son of a w****. Upon refusing to apologize, Anelka left Team France and has never played for the country again.

Graeme Souness VS Craig Bellamy

After Souness was substituted against Charlton in 2004, Craig Bellamy confronted him, calling him a ‘f***ing p**ck. Years later Kieron Dyer revealed that Souness had heard about the altercation between Bellamy and Nicky Butt and hoped that he had beaten the s***’ out of Bellamy and threatened to ‘knock’ him out.

Dyer also revealed that Souness attempted to get Bellamy by the throat and offered him into the gym to ‘sort this out like men’ just in time for Alan Shearer to intervene.

You must have seen several stars argue amongst themselves but these football conflicts tend to blow up to epic proportions.

Except for Donald Trump, who would have millions of people on his list, including the voters, women, immigrants, people of color, African countries, Caribbean, etc. Well, pretty much, everybody. Which feud surprised you the most? Sound off below!

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