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  • The fourth season of the American television series.
  • Flash, based on DC Comics.
  • It debuted at CW on October 10, 2017, and ran 23 episodes until May 22, 2018.
  • The season is produced by Berantianti Productions, Warner Bros. 
  • Television, and DC Entertainment, with Andrew Kreisberg and Todd Helbing working as hosts.
  • The season follows the investigator of a speeding crime detective, including some who have acquired superhuman skills.
  • Set in Arrowverse, shares the sequel to another universal television series, and is the end of Arrow.
  • The season was ordered in January 2017, and the recording began in July.
  • The series was renewed for the fifth season on April 2, 2018.

Flash Season 4 | Recap


The fourth season started with Barry returning to speedforce. He’s stuck there in Season Three. He returned at the right time to fight the flying samurai with his great power. The flying ‘Samurai’ he was fighting was controlled by a mysterious man.

The man was riding in a high-tech wheelchair seeking to draw Flash’s attention to himself and to draw closer to him through his evil plans. Too many actions and too many editions happen to destroy ‘The Thinker’. ‘The Thinker’ has managed many events and created twelve young people as part of his deadly strategy.

Team Flash is aware of such meta-human constructions and curses them. Through this process, he found one meta person, Ralph Dibney. He is also known as the Tall Man because of his ability to stretch his body.

It spelled out the words that led to and created many other events including catastrophic fraud attempts. Even after Ralph was part of what he did, he now becomes an official member of Team Flash.

Apart from this, many other events have taken place, Watch Flash 4 on the platforms that are there to know more.

Cast & Crew Members of Flash Season 4

These are the main characters of Flash (Season 4) who all are to be appreciated.

  • Grant Gustin as Barry Allen / Flash
  • Candice Patton as Iris West
  • Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow / Killer Frost
  • Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon / Vibe
  • Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West / Kid Flash
  • Neil Sandilands as Clifford DeVoe / Thinker
  • Tom Cavanagh as Harry Wells
  • Jesse L. Martin as Joe West

Episodes List / Flash Season 4


No. in


Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 “The Flash Reborn” Glen Winter Story by : Andrew Kreisberg

Teleplay by : Todd Helbing & Eric Wallace

October 10, 2017
2 “Mixed Signals” Alexandra La Roche Jonathan Butler & Gabriel Garza October 17, 2017
3 “Luck Be a Lady” Armen V. Kevorkian Sam Chalsen & Judalina Neira October 24, 2017
4 “Elongated Journey Into Night” Tom Cavanagh Sterling Gates & Thomas Pound October 31, 2017
5 “Girls Night Out” Laura Belsey Lauren Certo & Kristen Kim November 7, 2017
6 “When Harry Met Harry…” Brent Crowell Jonathan Butler & Gabriel Garza November 14, 2017
7 “Therefore I Am” David McWhirter Eric Wallace & Thomas Pound November 21, 2017
8 “Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3” Dermott Downs Story by : Andrew Kreisberg & Marc Guggenheim

Teleplay by : Todd Helbing

November 28, 2017
9 “Don’t Run” Stefan Pleszczynski Sam Chalsen & Judalina Neira December 5, 2017
10 “The Trial of the Flash” Philip Chipera Lauren Certo & Kristen Kim January 16, 2018
11 “The Elongated Knight Rises” Alexandra La Roche Sterling Gates & Thomas Pound January 23, 2018
12 “Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash” Chris Peppe Sam Chalsen & Judalina Neira January 30, 2018
13 “True Colors” Tara Nicole Weyr Jonathan Butler & Gabriel Garza February 6, 2018
14 “Subject 9” Ralph Hemecker Mike Alber & Gabe Snyder February 27, 2018
15 “Enter Flashtime” Gregory Smith Todd Helbing & Sterling Gates March 6, 2018
16 “Run, Iris, Run” Harry Jierjian Eric Wallace March 13, 2018
17 “Null and Annoyed” Kevin Smith Lauren Certo & Kristen Kim April 10, 2018
18 “Lose Yourself” Hanelle Culpepper Jonathan Butler & Gabriel Garza April 17, 2018
19 “Fury Rogue” Rachel Talalay Joshua V. Gilbert & Jeff Hersh April 24, 2018
20 “Therefore She Is” Rob J. Greenlea Sterling Gates & Thomas Pound May 1, 2018
21 “Harry and the Harrisons” Kevin Mock Judalina Neira & Lauren Certo May 8, 2018
22 “Think Fast” Viet Nguyen Sam Chalsen & Kristen Kim May 15, 2018
23 “We Are the Flash” David McWhirter Todd Helbing & Eric Wallace May 22, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Flash Season 4


Is the Flash Season 4 Good?

The end of the third season was very dark and controversial. But when it started in the fourth season, the creators tried to get back to where the show started. With its humor, heart and spectacle, to what every fan falls for. This is the reason why the fourth season of the show turned out to be the most funny and bloody episodes, which involved their church villains.

Who Is the Villain in Flash Season 4?

Barry Allen, the fastest man alive, often fights various evil villains as the protagonist of The Flash. However, the fourth season of this includes a new version of the main villain in Clifford DeVoe, popularly known as The Thinker.

Where Can I Watch Season 4 of the Flash?

Anyone can watch ‘The Flash – Season 4’ broadcast on Netflix and DIRECTV. One can even buy the downloaded version from Apple iTunes, Google Play Services, Vudu, Amazon Video, Microsoft Store.

Is the Flash – Season 4 on Netflix?

After showing all episodes, there was an 8-day waiting period. After that, Flash season 4 was featured on Netflix, which was May 2. Now, all the episodes on Season 4 of The Flash are available on Netflix for fans to watch. 

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