Federal Charges Against Protesters of Portland

Federal Charges Against Protestors
Source: Al Jazeera

The number of protests in the United States has increased over the last few years. Recently, the country witnessed a massive wave of protests and riots after the unfortunate demise of George Floyd. However, on Monday night, an on-going protest in Portland, Oregon, took an ugly turn when some of the protesting group attempted vandalization of the Federal Courthouse in Portland. 

On July 18, a protest march called ‘A Wall of Moms’ was held, where protesting women in yellow jackets marched from downtown Portland to Hatfield Federal Courthouse. The march was held against the officers protecting the building. They were also against President Donald Trump, who deployed these agents in Portland. 

What Prompted the Federal Charges Against the Protesters? 

Agents have arrested 18 protesters who were involved in the vandalization of Federal property during the night. The accused have caused extensive damage to the Hatfield Court on Monday night, as per the office of the US Attorney for the District of Oregon.

In the wake of mass protests and riots after the death of George Floyd, President Trump had sent a team of agents in Portland for the protection of the property.

The building of Hatfield Courthouse is under the protection of US Marshals Service, Federal Protective Service, Homeland Security Investigation, and US Customs & Border Protection. 

As per the sources, the culprits were protesting outside the Courthouse and launched fireworks at the building. They didn’t stop at it, they tried to set fires outside the building. To counter them, Federal agents launched tear gas into the crowd of protesters.

Five protesters were arrested on Monday night by authorities. The next day, seven people were detained, and six were caught on Wednesday. All of these 18 were involved in the damage of Federal property. Four accused even tried to assault an agent working on his duty. 

The culprits have been charged with involvement in vandalizing Federal property, assaulting an agent, and failing to comply with the law. They were presented before the court for the first hearing. The prosecutors have released them until the next court appearance. 

It is said that the reason behind the number of protests increased due to various socio-economic issues like unemployment, homeless population, drug abuse, and racial conflicts. 

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