FBI Director Wray Gets Subpoena from Chairman Johnson

FBI Director Christopher Wray
Source: Getty Images

The latest news regarding Russian involvement in 2016 elections is that FBI’s Director Christopher Wray has received a subpoena from The Senate Homeland Security Committee on Monday.  Ron Johnson, Committee Chairman has issued the notice to FBI Director Wray for the review into investigation of Crossfire Hurricane

As per the subpoena, Director Wray must produce all the essential documents and proofs regarding Russian interference. The Committee has ordered the FBI to present the documents before the panel by August 20, 2020. The FBI has confirmed the news that they have received the subpoena from Chairman Johnson. 

The FBI also said that they are “ready to provide important information and records to the Senate Homeland Security Committee.”  In June, the Committee voted for issuing subpoenas to FBI and other organizations to present documents, and information for Russian investigation and Inspector General of Justice Department’s review of the investigation. 

The subpoenas have been issued for producing the records of Crossfire Hurricane, a code name given to an investigation related to Russian Interference. That includes records that were presented to Michael Horowitz, Inspector General, Dept. of Justice.  He has looked into the probe and reviewed it. The review includes the misconduct of FISA(Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act). 

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