Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout: Complete Minigames List

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout
Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

Announced last year and released on August 4 of 2020, Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout is a Battle Royale game that’s trending all over the gaming world.

Within 24 hrs. of its release, the game had attracted over 1.5 million players and by the end of the week, Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout had sold 2 Million copies on steam alone.

That’s not it. As per a report by pushsquare, within the first 24 hrs. the servers of Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout were overflowed by players.

Even during the closed beta Fall guys became the most-watched game on Twitch. All this sounds great but how’s the game in reality? Well, we’ll figure this out in this following post –

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Recommended System Requirements

In order play Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout smoothly on your pc, make sure it has these specifications –

Processor: 64-bit Intel Core i5 or AMD equivalent

OS: Windows 10 64bit only

Storage: At least 2 GB available disk space

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7950 or NVIDIA GTX 660.

Network: Fast and stable Broadband Internet connection

Additional Requirement: A Gamepad is recommended.

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Supported Platforms

  • Windows PC
  • PlayStation 4

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Gameplay

In a Battle Royale style gameplay, 60 players compete in a match where you represent yourself as jellybean like figure and move around 3D playing field.

In order to win a match, you need to complete mini-games and qualify for subsequent rounds. As an in-game jellybean figure, you can perform moves like jumping, grabbing, or driving in your gameplay.

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Minigames

Fall Guys has quite a lot of knockout games.


There are some minigames in Fall guys that require at least 2 or 3 teams. In these rounds, the team with the lowest score gets eliminated and the remaining teams proceed to the next round. Check out these minigames & let me know which one you like the most or which one frustrates you the most.

Egg Scramble: In this minigame, 3 teams compete against each other to place eggs in their nests.

Rock n’ Roll: Here team players push a gigantic ball through an obstacle and down a slope.

Fall Ball: This minigame is played between two teams where both of them try their best to push huge balls into enemy goal posts.

Team Tail Tag: It’s the team version of survival minigame Tail Tag. Here the only difference is the game is played on a bigger field.

Jinx: Transfer pink jinx cloud to the opposition teams. The most jinxed team loses this round in the end.

Hoopsie Daisy: Throughout the arena, you’ll see hoops appearing. Here score points by jumping/diving through hoops.

Hoarders: It’s a time-based minigame. The team that has most balls in the due time wins the round.


Dizzy Heights: To get a win in this minigame, you got to use your timing and jumping skills at its best.

Hit Parade: With plenty of obstacles at your door, you need to climb up slimy slopes.

Door Dash: This minigame requires luck and timing more than anything. Here, you’ll see a lot of doors but not all of them will be real as some will be walls.

Tip Toe: As you step on a tile, it’ll vanish. So, what would you do? Be brave and patient & you’ll find the hidden path to step on the tile.

Slime Climb: With narrow paths and obstacles on your way, you’ve to follow a zig-zag path to move up the mountain. So, you need to climb carefully, but quickly in order to win this round.

Fruit Chute: Climb up a slope… while giant fruit is fired continuously into the crowd.


Roll Out: Several platforms spin around a cylinder, looking like something out of Super Mario Galaxy. Stay on the platforms.

Jump Club: In this minigame, there’s spinning bar, you need to jump over to win the round. However, in doing so, make sure, you don’t fall off the platform.

Block Party: Here, you’re jam-packed on a platform with other players as walls and beams move towards you. Wait for the time to get over. In the meanwhile, try your best to avoid the walls.

Perfect Match: In this minigame, you’ll see hidden fruits that flashes for a brief moment. When the other screen shows a fruit, find a platform with the same. This minigame will test your memory & reaction time.

Tail Tag: This minigame arena is small in size and most of it is filled with spinning hammers.

Final Words

Dive into the fun and addictive battle royale game – Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout. Unlike other battle royale game available on the gaming world, this one is light-hearted.

There’s no violence or fighting whatsoever. If you’ve played this game right after its worldwide release, let me know your views on it along with your favorite minigames in Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout



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