Facebook Messenger Lets You Share Your Screen

Facebook Messenger

Currently, because of a pandemic situation, people are using Facebook Messenger to chat or video call to their loved ones. Now Facebook has rolled out a screen sharing option for all the Facebook messenger users.

In the latest upgrade of Facebook messenger, the tech giant company decided to give a surprise to all messenger users. Under this new feature you can share a mobile screen while chatting with your friend, calling via messenger, or in a group chat also. 

Facebook Messenger: Details on Feature

Facebook Messenger

Now you can let upto eight people in a group chat see the screen of your mobile or tablet which you are using. Those who are using Facebook Rooms have an option of sharing the screen to 16 people at a time.

You can surf the internet, show pictures from your gallery, and do many things while sharing the screen of your mobile phone. If there is a larger group of people with whom you are connected on Facebook messenger, then this feature is useful for them.

This feature has been made available for those who have updated their Facebook messenger recently. The company said they are planning to expand screen sharing options upto 50 people under Room chat, but it will take some time.

To use this feature first make sure you have upgraded Facebook messenger in your smartphone. Then while calling a friend, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to get the call options. After that, click on “share screen” option, “start sharing” and in the end choose “start broadcast”.

You will be receiving a final warning from Facebook about whether you want to share the screen of a mobile device to another person, confirm it.

During the coronavirus pandemic situation, people are using the video calling application at a huge amount, and everyone welcomes this feature. The tech giant company which is trying to integrate its different social media platforms.

It has rolled out this feature at the right time. People who are using messenger to contact their beloved ones will be delighted to use this feature. Along with that, this feature is useful for all the corporate employees who are working from home.

They can share the screen of their tablet or the device in which they are using Facebook messenger. Another person can view the required files or photos without any problem.

More details haven’t been rolled out by the company, but they are planning to upgrade it with the response people give it. 

Final Words

The screen sharing feature is not a new one because other video calling platforms like Skype and Zoom have already implemented it. Considering the number of people who use Facebook messenger, it’s quite a big improvement.

This new upgrade shows the company is focusing more on how to make their platforms more user friendly than its competitors. Millions of people already use the free calling feature, but this one update will add more value to it. 

Let us know in the comment section below what you think about this latest update in messenger, and whether you liked it or not. 

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