Facebook launches Instagram Reels, a look alike of TikTok.

Facebook has launched a new Application in United States ‘Instagram Reels’, which you can say a copycat of TikTok.

Yes you read right, Instagram Reels has many new features which make it a look a like of TikTok. It’s a big relieve to all the Americans which were panic because U.S. Government has taken a decision to ban TikTok,  a Chinese owned short video creator app in United States due to the National Security concern.

Now you must be wondering, how Instagram Reels is a copycat of TikTok? So lets watch some of the exciting features of Instagram Reels.


Features of Instagram Reels are :

All main features are :

  1. Reels is an in-app editing tool, with use of which you can create 15 second videos.
  2. You can easily synchronize music with the videos.
  3. Many audio clippings are available in the app to club with the video. Like, “And A New Place To Watch” or many more like it. (explore them by your self and make your videos a new wonder for the world).
  4. You can add many effects in your videos like
  • Speed up or slow down your video
  • Align multiple clips
  • Use a timer or a countdown to make a hands-free videos
  1. With the help of Explore tab and Instagram Stories, you can find new people for your videos.

Apart from these interesting and similar features to TikTok of Instagram Reels, there are many other interesting information about Instagram Reels you need to know.

Instagram Reels was first launched in November 2019, in Brazil. And it’s getting a launch in The United States during the time when TikTok is facing a legal battle with The United States Government and on a risk to get banned.

So, in this tough situation for TikTok users, Instagram Reels is like a new ray of light, which providing them all the similar features of TikTok. And have capability to take them out from anxiety.


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 Final Words :

Where Government of The U.S. is adamant to take action against TikTok, a Chinese owned company in concern of national security of America. In such conditions, if TikTok will fail to fulfil U.S. government condition and face a ban in U.S., Instagram Reels has a chance to uplift its clientele in U.S.

There is a bright chance for Facebook app, in absence of TikTok (if TikTok get banned in U.S.) it can capture The United States social media market and become a next hit as TikTok.

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