Everything To Know About Season 3’s Daniel Cusimano

Netflix’s The Circle is back with an all-new cast, including Daniel Cusimano, a 20-year-old student and performer from Palm Harbor, Florida.

In the first four episodes of season 3 of Netflix’s reality show, The Circle, viewers were introduced to 20-year-old student and musical theater performer Daniel Cusimano. The Circle, a social media-based reality competition show, follows contestants playing a strategy elimination game wherein they are completely isolated from other players and interact via a social media interface called The Circle.

The format of The Circle allows contestants to play as themselves or to “catfish” their opponents by pretending to be another person. The competitors choose which photos they share with other contestants, as well as the biographical information they present. There are several international incarnations of The Circle, but there have only been two seasons of the American version to be released by Netflix so far.

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In season 1, Joey Sasso came away with the win after playing as himself. Season 2 featured the first catfish winner of The Circle US when DeLeesa St. Agathe, catfishing as her husband Trevor, emerged victorious following a hard-fought strategic game. Now, a cast of new Circle contestants seeks to take the crown, all approaching the game with their own unique quirks and strategies.

Daniel Cusimano Is The Youngest Cast Member Of Season 3

The Circle‘s new cast features a diverse age range, with the youngest contestant being 20 years old and the oldest 52. At 20, Daniel is the youngest cast member of the new season. The contestant next closest in age to Daniel is Ava Capra, 25. In order to be successful in the game, Daniel will have to make connections with people who may have more life experience than him. With such a wide spectrum of ages in the cast, Daniel is in for a challenge, but the high-energy Palm Harbor, Florida native doesn’t think his youth puts him at a disadvantage. “Being young and looking dumb is my secret weapon,” says Daniel in the season three premiere.

Daniel Cusimano Will Play The Game As Himself

Catfishing has proven to be an effective strategy in The Circle, but Daniel doesn’t plan to go that route. Though season two’s DeLeesa was able to win the game as a catfish, Daniel hopes to win the game by playing as himself. He plans to charm the other contestants with his wit and humor and will rely on his own images and biographical info to form bonds with his fellow competitors. The catfish strategy backfired for season 2’s Jack Atkins, so it makes sense for a person as young as Daniel to want to approach the game in a different manner. If Daniel is successful, he will become the youngest winner of The Circle US and the second player to win while portraying themselves in the game. The Circle host Michelle Buteau says Daniel’s vibe “can best be described as ‘calorie-burning,'” so his enthusiasm will most likely work in his favor.

Daniel Cusimano Is On Social Media

In addition to his Instagram page, Daniel is also active on several other social media sites. On his Twitter page, Daniel tweets about The Circle and other reality shows like Big Brother 23. Daniel also has a TikTok account where he posts humorous videos of himself lip-syncing and dancing. Fans of Daniel can receive personalized messages from him on Cameo. Daniel recently joined the site and has promised that his video messages to fans will be wild, saying “There ain’t nothing too juicy for me.” With The Circle’s third season having just premiered, there’s no doubt that Daniel’s social media star will continue to rise in the coming weeks.

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The Circle is available to stream on Netflix.

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