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Imagine getting locked in a room full of various kinds of unknown danger. All you need is to unlock the door by finding the keys.

Imagining such a situation is so horrifying. What if it turned out to be genuine? Escape Room is an amazing movie to be a part of such a terrifying experience.

Escape Room is a psychological horror film that originated in the United States.

Adam Robitel is the director of the film.

Bragi F. Schut and Maria Melnik is the writer of the movie.

Neal H. Moritz and Ori Marmur are the producers of the film Escape Room.

Escape Room was released on 4th January 2019 in the United States with 1 hour 40 minutes of running time.

The film had a budget of $9 million and earned about $155.7 million at the box office.

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The Plot of the Film Escape Room:


Six people from different backgrounds are selected and given a puzzle cube to solve- Zoey is a young college student, Ben is s stockboy at a grocery store, Amanda is an Iraq war veteran, Jason is a stock trader, Mike is a truck driver and Danny is an experienced escape room enthusiast.

Gamemaster invites them to be part of an escape room after solving the puzzle cube, where the survivors will receive the prize of $10,000. When the participants arrive at an office block, there is no one to greet them. After finding it a little bit fishy, Ben tries to escape from there. As soon as he touches the door, the handle falls off, indicating that the challenge has begun.

The first room was like a giant heating oven, and the second room was a winter cabin. However, the participants cross both the challenges very well. As soon as they reach the keys, the rooms become more and more fatal. Danny falls in an icy room due to ice and drowns, whereas Amanda drops straight down at a very high speed towards her death in an upside-down billiards bar where floor parts appear to be periodically falling into a deep shaft situated below.

Jason shocks Mike that leads to his death in a hospital room that was filling up with a poisonous gas when they were trying to solve a puzzle. In the other room, which was full of optical illusions and strobe lights, Ben ends up killing Jason for an antidote by which they could escape from that room.

Some of the rooms, along with the music, coats, and hospital beds, reminded the players that they were the only survivors of various disasters. Mike escaped from a mine cave, Zoey lived after a plane crash, Danny was the sole survivor when his family died due to carbon monoxide poisoning, Amanda pulls through an IED blast, Jason survived an accident in the sea in a bad whether where the ship got damaged and sank later, and Ben survived a car accident where his friends died.

After playing the game a bit, Zoey realizes that the game is all about luck. The lucky one will be able to survive. Ben escapes the last room where the walls were moving inwards in an ambition to crush him. After escaping, he meets the gamemaster, who was responsible for controlling the game. The puzzle maker designed the whole concept of the escape room. He explains to Ben that they persuade the players to play the game having something in common.

Wealthy viewers bet on the outcomes of the game. Viewers already placed their bets on the current game where the players already survived the previous disaster.Gamemaster attacks Ben and tries to kill him, but Zoey interferes and saves him. They both kill the Gamemaster together. Zoey calls the police to the building to reveal the truth of the game during the recovery of Ben.

But police deny believing in them as all the pieces of evidence of the game have disappeared. They found drugs in the body of Ben which was their primary reason for not believing in them.Zoey notices some words written on the wall stating “No Way Out!”, which suggested that the game is not over yet.

After six months, Zoey meets Ben showing him a newspaper article mentioning that the death of other players was like everyday accidents. Ben asks her to move on, but she refuses. She gives clues to Ben, pointing out an unlisted building situated in Manhattan. Ben agrees to go there with her, where the Puzzle Maker was already busy creating another deadly survival game.

The sequel of the movie starts with the ending of the original part. To bring justice to the ones who died in the previous game, Zoey and Ben decide to confront the company named Minos, which was responsible for the discovery of the game. However, they fail to do so and get stuck in another escape room where other survivors were also present.

Release Date of the Sequel Escape Room: Tournament of Champions:

Before the pandemic, the film was about to release on 17th April 2020, but the date kept changing many times. In January 2021, the release date got shifted to 7th January 2022, which again got changed to 16th July 2021.

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The Cast of the Film Escape Room: Tournament of Champions:


  • Zoey Davis’s character is played by Taylor Russell
  • Ben Miller’s character is played by Logan Miller
  • Nathan’s character is played by Thomas Cocquerel
  • Rachel’s character is played by Holland Roden
  • Brianna’s character is played by Indya Moore
  • Sonya’s character is played by Tanya van Graan
  • The police detective’s character is played by Jaymes Butler
  • Orrie’s character is played by Anton David Jeftha
  • Technician’s character is played by Evan Hengst
  • Paramedic Jarrod’s character is played by Derek Siow
  • Ensler’s character is played by Corin Silva
  • Priscilla’s character is played by Renee Harbeck
  • Special Agent Freddie Will’s character is played by Scott Coker
  • Carlito Olivero
  • Jay Erving
  • James Frain

Imdb Rating of the Film Escape Room:

6.4 out of 10 is the IMDb rating of the movie Escape Room.

Where Can We Watch the Movie Escape Room?

You can stream it online through the above-mentioned websites or can download it from various platforms to watch it offline.

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