Escape Room 2 Extended Cut Has Nearly 30 Minutes of Extra Footage

When Escape Room 2 is released digitally and on Blu-ray and DVD, the release will include an extended cut with 25 minutes of additional scenes.

The extended cut of Escape Room 2 is even more difficult to escape with almost half an hour of additional footage. The sequel to Adam Robitel’s claustrophobic horror movie Escape Room premiered in theaters earlier this summer on July 16 in the US with the full title Escape Room: Tournament of Champions. After escaping various rooms in the first movie, survivors Zoey Davis (Taylor Russell) and Ben Miller (Logan Miller) once again find themselves trapped in a series of rooms from which there is no escape.

As if two movies spent trapped in a room weren’t torturous enough, Escape Room 2 will include an extra 25 minutes of scenes according to the film’s Movies Anywhere pre-order page. The film will be released digitally on September 21st and on Blu-ray and DVD on October 16th. Both editions include the original cut of the sequel, which runs 88 minutes, as well as the 96-minute extended cut. Additional scenes include an “alternate beginning and ending revealing for the first time who is behind the Minos Corporation.

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Zoey In A Bank Vault In Escape Room 2

Escape Room 2 has been met with mixed reception since its theatrical release. Some critics have noted a similar plotline to the first film that draws out the premise rather than heightening the action. Others have observed the internal logic of the film unraveling in order to justify the escape room game’s continuation. It’s possible that the extended cut will remedy some of the issues viewers have had with the film. That possibility, along with the reveals promised by the alternate beginning and ending, may be worth a watch.

According to its director, the question of whether there will be an Escape Room 3 is still up in the air. On the one hand, Escape Room 2 builds to a twist that makes it difficult to continue the story. The reveal doesn’t necessarily preclude expanding the series into a franchise, however, as there are plenty of different directions for future films to go in. Robitel has spoken about multiple ideas for continuing the franchise, including a prequel, an origin story, a movie told from the villains’ perspective, and “lateral” narratives. With the option still unsettled, the extended cut is fans’ best bet for more room escaping content.

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Source: Movies Anywhere

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