Ertugrul Season 6: Titled As “Muslim Games of Thrones”

"I Can Handle Everything But Not Betrayal" Remember who said this? Get Ready for more dialogues from season 6. We have covered everything about the new slice.

ertugrul season 6

Are you a History Enthusiast? Do you love history more than anything else? If, yes then I know your friends will look at you in some different manners because not everyone makes history their hobby, and adding this in web series is I think the best gift given by the industries for the History lover.

You can visualize the Empires, Wars, and Kingdom on your tables and I know you can’t resist watching this historical drama, Ertugrul. In this, we have covered each item regarding the sixth slice. Make sure to read the article through the end 🙂 for getting the exact details.

About The Show

The series is basically set in the thirteenth century which is a historical drama based on the life of Ertugrul Ghazi. Ertugrul is the father of Sultaan Osman, who is the founder of the Ottoman Empire. It is a mix of great music, romance with some bloody scenes of war.

It’s Been Called The Muslim Games of Thrones”

ertugrul season 6

What Is The Story About?

Ertugrul was the father of Osman. Very few are aware of the life of Ertuğrul. It is the story of the Empire and Kingdoms. According to the tradition of their locality he was considered as the son of Suleyman Shah.

The story is quite good for those who love historical drama, but if you are someone who doesn’t like history then this is not for you.

Release Date of Ertugrul Season 6

The series is inspired by the events of the late thirteenth century. It was a premiere in the parts of Turkey on TRT-1. The last season ended with twenty-nine episodes in 2019. The curiosity of the fans increased for the second bit. But because of the pandemic attack, the schedule changes, and the dates are pushed forward.

Moreover, we could expect season six lately in this year but at this time no dates are provided to the fans. When we get the new information then we would update the relevant one in this post.

Who Will Be In Ertugrul Season 6?

It is expected to see the old central faces again as we could expect-

  • Engin Altan DÃzyatan as Ertugrul Gazi.
  • Hulya Darcan as Hayme Hatun.
  • Cengiz Co’kun as Turgut Alp.
  • Nurettin Sonmez as Bamsi Beyrek.
  • Serdar GÃkhan as Suleyman Shah.
  • Kaan Ta’aner as GÃndo’du Bey.
  • Esra Bilgià as Halime Sultan.

Expected Plotline For Ertugrul Season 6

There is no specific plot is placed in front of us but as we know the storyline will start from where it ends. The previous one focus on the life of the Ottoman Empires and kings. This time we are going to see some more governing strategies some kind of more wars because of mineral resources.

Moreover, some new characters are also going to be in the sixth slice but nothing is officially revealed yet. In the meantime, you can enjoy some latest web series like Snowfall Season 4,  Community Season 7, and Chivarly of Knight Failed Season 2.

What Do Fans Want From Ertugrul Season 6?

  • This series is too much interesting. l 💕 🇵🇰 ❣️🇹🇷. 😘😘😘😘
  • Bro, I want season 6 episode 2,3, more episodes
  • Could u pls send me the link of Kurtulus Osman season 1 episode -1 TRT channel Pakistan
  • In Love with this drama want more from the creators 🙂
  • Artaghrul I miss you, Plz give an English subtitle for the new season.

Is There Any Trailer For Ertugrul Season 6?

No at this point in time there is no trailer for the Ertugrul season 6 in English or Hindi but it is available on youtube in the Urdu language with Urdu subtitles. If you are comfortable with Urdu then you can enjoy the videos.

Terminal Words

Our article is completely inspired by the Ertugrul season 6. In this, we have talked about everything we know so far about this historical drama. The series has given 7.9 stars out of 10 by the IMDb from 2014-2019.

We have tried to cover the common question in this but still if you anything in your mind to ask us then go ahead comment down your, we would love to clear your queries.

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Common Questions

Is Ertugrul Season 6 canceled?

No, the season sixth is not canceled in fact the new seasons in production but because of the global pandemic creators decided to step their foot back and decided to push the dates forward.

Who will be in the Ertugrul Season 6?

There is no exact news regarding the cast but yes we could expect Engin Altan DÃzyatan again in his old role Ertugrul Gazi, Hulya Darian as Hayme Hatun, Cengiz Co’kun as Turgut Alp, and Nurettin Sonmez as Bamsi Beyrek.

Is Ertugrul available on Netflix?

If you are looking to watch the Ertugrul then you can watch it on Netflix. Netflix recently uploaded more episodes of Ertugrul for the fans.

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