Encode Plus Smart WiFi Deadbolt Review That You Need To Read!

The Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt ($249) from Schlage is the company’s first Wi-Fi lock with remote access capability that does not require a hub.

Installation of the Encode is simple, and it can be controlled by voice commands issued to either the Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant.

On the other hand, it does not have support for Apple HomeKit or IFTTT like our Editors’ Choice product, the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect does.

What About Design/features?

The Encode is available with two distinct types of trim: the chiselled Century and the more rounded Camelot.

There is a choice of finishes available, including Matte Black and Satin Nickel.

The whole lock assembly consists of the following components: a deadbolt latch mechanism, an external keypad escutcheon, an interior escutcheon, four AA batteries, mounting hardware, a backup key, and quick-start instructions.

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The lock is designed to fit doors with a thickness between 1-3/8 and 1-3/4 inches, and it has a 2-1/8-inch lockset hole and a 1-inch latch hole.

A keyway and a 12-button capacitive touch-screen keypad with 0-9 buttons, a lock button, and a home icon that flashes a blue checkmark when a proper code is entered are both contained within the external escutcheon, which has dimensions of 5.0 inches in height, 3.0 inches in width, and 0.9 inches in depth (HWD).

Encode Plus Smart WiFi Deadbolt

When incorrect codes are entered, a flashing red X appears on the house icon. After each entry of the code, there will be a beep. 5.5-inch-long, 3.0-inch-wide, and 2.2-inch-tall escutcheon with a thumbscrew-style knob for manual locking and unlocking.

Under the cover, which can be removed, there is also a tamper alarm and a storage compartment for four AA batteries.

In contrast to the RemoteLock OpenEdge RG, the Encode does not require a cloud subscription to view activity history or add users.

You can receive push notifications when the lock is locked and opened, as well as establish up to one hundred different access codes that can be permanent, recurring, or temporary.

When compared to using the keypad, the Schlage Home mobile app for Android and iOS makes the process of configuring the lock far simpler.

When you activate the app, the home screen displays the door’s name along with a large icon representing a lock. Simply tapping the icon will either lock or open the door.

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At the very bottom, you’ll find buttons labelled Access Codes, Settings, and History.

You can alter the Auto-Lock delay, enable or disable the tamper alert, and take control of both Wi-Fi and notifications by clicking the Settings button.

The History button records all lock and unlocks events, along with the time, date, and user who performed them.

It displays the names of those who have access codes as well as the date when the firmware was most recently updated. To display the user codes, tap the Access Codes tab.

Encode Plus Smart WiFi Deadbolt

You can generate virtual keys that allow users to operate the lock using a mobile app, define the duration of access and access schedules, create new user codes, and alter existing user codes here.

You can open and close the lock from the Amazon Key app and grant access for scheduled Amazon deliveries with Schlage Encode, which supports voice commands from Amazon Alexa as well as Google Assistant.

Additionally, Schlage Encode connects to Amazon Key, allowing you to open and close the lock remotely. When used in conjunction with Amazon Key, the lock is compatible with Ring.

For instance, after checking the live feed from the Ring doorbell on your smartphone, you may lock and unlock the Encode using the Ring app.

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Apple’s HomeKit is compatible with the Schlage Sense and Friday smart locks, but not with the Encode smart lock.

The August Smart Lock Pro + Connect does not have this capability either.

What About Installation/Performance?

The installation and programming of a code lock is a simple process.

I did a download and then validated both my email and the app.

When I accessed the app, I had the option to either look through the installation instructions or to immediately start pairing.

The removal and replacement of the Encode lock are both demonstrated in the installation instructions, which also provide a list of the necessary equipment.

I removed the previous lock and then attached the new latch using the two screws provided.

After attaching the exterior keypad to the wall utilising the plate and bolts that were supplied, I next connected the data connection to the interior escutcheon wire.

Encode Plus Smart WiFi Deadbolt

After inserting the tailpiece of the keypad into the inner escutcheon, connecting it to the mounting plate, and placing four AA batteries inside, I was finished.

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After I had finished installing the lock, I used the camera on my phone to read the QR code that was located on the battery compartment, and then I pressed the pairing button.

I was instructed to connect the lock to my Wi-Fi network, at which point I selected my SSID, keyed in my password, and waited for a quarter of a minute.

After that, I gave the lock a name and programmed it (four to eight digits).

I calibrated the lock by slightly opening the door and then pressing the Next button. I began by replacing the battery cover, then I upgraded the firmware.

My tests were successful with encoding.

The motor that operated the lock was quite quiet, and the touch-screen keypad worked very quickly.

The lock responded instantly when access codes were manually inputted or when an app was commanded to lock or unlock it, and it processed temporary access codes as expected.

Encode Plus Smart WiFi Deadbolt

I could lock and unlock the Encode by utilising voice commands given to Alexa; however, I was required to generate a PIN within the Alexa app and provide it to Alexa to unlock the device.

If not, then anyone can unlock the door by using their voice.

What Are The Conclusions?

Using the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt, you can lock and open your door from virtually any location.

The Schlage Home app makes it simple to set up user codes and access schedules for your home. Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands can be used to lock and unlock the Encode, and it is compatible with Ring doorbells and cameras as well as Amazon Key doorbells.

Apple’s HomeKit and IFTTT applets are not supported in this environment.

The August Smart Lock Pro + Connect comes equipped with a plug-in Wi-Fi bridge, Bluetooth, and Z-Wave radios, in addition to voice controls for Alexa, Google, and Siri.

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