Earfun Free Pro 2 Review: All You Need To Know About It!

The Earfun Free Pro 2 is the second generation of this popular low-cost TWS series.

With ANC, IPX5, and up to 30 hours of battery life. The cost is $79.99.

Disclaimer: We received the EarFun Free Pro 2 as a sample in exchange for our honest opinion in this review.

We are grateful to the Earfun team for providing us with this chance.

Holistic Review: Earfun Free Pro 2

The EarFun Free Pro 2 has the fundamental characteristics that most people look for in a TWS.

Such as Bluetooth 5.2, high battery life, an IPX5 rating, and ANC.

With its outstanding tuning, new functionality, and inexpensive price.

It has set a good benchmark in my opinion for the sub-$100 TWS range.

It seems like only yesterday that we evaluated the EarFun Free Pro, yet a year later.

The EarFun Free Pro 2 has here.

Earfun Free Pro 2

EarFun is a relative newcomer in the highly competitive TWS earbuds market.

But it has made a positive impact with its low-cost options.

Since last year, they’ve expanded their lineup with both refreshes.

And new choices on both the air and free versions.

Making EarFun a reasonable option for everyone.

The EarFun Free Pro 2 is a $79.99 feature-packed inexpensive TWS earphone.

That tries to do it all, aimed at audiophiles, gamers, and sports enthusiasts alike.

Earfun Free Pro 2: Other Features

The EarFun Free Pro 2 is a follow-up to the original EarFun Free Pro.

Having a comparable tiny footprint and featherlight TWS buds with long battery life.

With the advent of the QuietSmart 2.0 Hybrid ANC tech.

Which can block out up to 40db of external noise, ANC is here to stay.

This patented feature employs the QuietSmart 2.0 Hybrid ANC Tech.

To generate an anti-noise signal from the feed-forward microphone that monitors wind noise.

And the feedback microphone.

This effectively inverts the noise signal from these microphones, canceling it entirely.

It also has a transparency mode and an IPX5 Sweat and Resistance rating.

Making it ideal for use on a daily commute or workout.

Gamers and casual users are also considered by providing the buds with BT 5.2 technology.

Which ensures robust long-range communication while consuming very little power.

This also enables a low latency option, which reduces latency to 80ms.

Making it suitable for video and gaming.

Of course, these buds take sound quality into account.

Earfun is using a common dynamic driver size for TWS with a 6mm dual composite dynamic driver.

Earfun Free Pro 2: Design

The earphones themselves are lightweight, weighing only 4.1g apiece.

The earbuds have a sleek matte black finish with a glossy print of the EarFun logo on each side.

To signify their state, the earphones also contain color-changing LEDs.

When turned on and off, the blue and white LEDs flash for 1 second.

Earfun Free Pro 2

The presence of a blue blinking light shows that the buds are in pairing mode.

When the earphones are in factory reset mode, an alternating blue and white light flashes.

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The carrying case for the Free Pro 2 is small and light, making it easy to transport.

It conveniently fits in a pocket and was created with portability in mind.

The charging case is modest on the outside, the smallest that I have reviewed to date.

The entire system weighs about 38g.

That’s like carrying a single chocolate bar in your pocket!

The case is clamshell style with a snappy magnetic closure that keeps everything neatly enclosed.

The hinge system is buttery smooth, which is an incredible feeling for a budget TWS.

The charging case lacks any buttons.

There is only one LED to indicate how much battery life is remaining.

Given the modest size of this package, this is an understandable tradeoff.

The LED is a single colour with a blinking pattern that changes based on the battery life.

White on for 3 seconds shows that the battery is at least 30% charged.

A white LED flashing three times shows that the battery is 10-30% charged.

The white flashing one time showed 10%.

When there is no light, it means the battery is less than 5% charged and should be charged right away.

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For the first time, pairing is rather simple.

When you open the charging case, the earbuds turn on and begin pairing mode.

Touch both earphones for 3 seconds, or until the blue light flashes, when pairing to other devices.

The earphones will enter a pairing mode and will be easily found by the device.


When you open the charging case, the earphones turn on automatically.

As a result, closing the case immediately turns off the earphones.

The music controls are rather simple.

Earfun Free Pro 2

Play and pause are activated by tapping the left or right headphones twice.

The next track is skipped by triple touching the right earbud.

Volume may be changed by touching the right earbud once to increase volume and once to lower volume.

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Earfun Free Pro 2: More Features

Toggle the game mode by triple tapping the left earphones.

The game mode option reduces latency to as little as 80ms, improving gaming.

Active noise cancellation is activated by double-tapping the left earbuds.

Please keep in mind that this gesture can be used in noise-canceling, ambient sound, or normal mode.

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