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Are you a big fan of Durarara’s unique anime story? Want to know all about Durarara Season 3? Are you excited and waiting for its 3rd installment when a Black passenger roams around town to get his head?

You agree with me that Durarara is a funny anime with a different story than any other anime.

Now, let’s start with whether you want to watch this anime or not and when season 3 of Durarara will return with its characters and story list?

Before moving on to the release date we will discuss a series of Durarara anime and those who do not know or who have heard of this anime for the first time, should know what the Durarara story is.

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  1. The Japanese novel Durarara series written by Ryohgo Narita.
  2. Showed by Suzuhito Yasudait.
  3. It was published by ASCII Media works and the novel ran 13 volumes under Dengeki Bunko Imprint.
  4. Then in 2009, the Japanese series was replaced by Akiyo Satorigi in the form of a Japanese Anime series.
  5. It went into serialization on April 18, 2009 in the form of ​​Shonen Manga Magazine Monthly GF and 1 year later the series began airing on MBS, TBS, CBC in Japan.
  6. But now Takahiro Omari has directed this anime series.
  7. Makoto Yoshimori gave music to the Durarara series and was written by Noboru Takagi.
  8. Akeko, Yokoyama, Hiro Maruyama, Kozue Kaneniwa and Yasuyo Ogisu released the series.
  9. Its second season was produced by Studio Shack and came five years later and was released in 2015 and continued for one year.

I think you will understand this series and your curiosity will expand as you learn more. Am I right?


What Did You See in the Previous Season of Durarara?

The story begins with Mikado Ryugamine who enjoys his life in a small town but goes to a beautiful town known as Ikebukuro. He meets his childhood friend, Masaomi Kida and roams the city with him and studies with him at Raira Academy.

As they walk around the city Masaomi tells him about the dangerous people in the city and warns him about them. One of them is Shizuo Heiwajima with supernatural powers, and Izaya Orihara who gives all the details to his team and is famous for The Dollars.

The story involves a young woman known as the Black Rider. She is a fun and scary but very attractive lady riding her bikes just like riding a horse.

The story of the anime continues to unfold and is fascinating. Audiences love them and wish to continue this exciting journey ahead for season 3 with many and many changes in it.

Cast & Crew Members of the Durarara Season 3:-

When the series is revived then we know who the characters of season 3 are but the main characters of Durarara is a series that takes place in both seasons of this anime-

  • Shizuo Heiwajima is a quiet guy or character who always wears shadows and a white bartender suit and is easily upset and uncontrollable when he is angry.
  • Shinra Kishitani is a doctor and is always curious about the reason for the madness of
  • Shizuo heiwajima.
  • Mikado Ryugamine is a young and shy boy who came to Ikebukuro to enjoy his life and roam the city. But over time, he showed his different side that scared everyone and became the interim leader of Blue Square. 


  • Celty Sturluson is a headless rider who rides most of the city on his black motorcycle, also known as the Coiste-Bodhar. He is fearsome and known as a Black passenger in the big city and works for a gang of Dollars as a messenger.
  • Masaomi Kida is a playful person and also looks happy but not in real life as his girlfriend was kidnapped and injured during a gang war and also lined up cheesy lines to attract girls. He also does not want to tell his friend about his sadness and to live happily ever after.

Comment your favorite character in the given section below….

Release Date of the Durarara Season 3 :-

Durarara’s first season of the show premiered on January 8, 2010. The first season of this amazing and popular anime series has 24 episodes in total. 

Then, five years later Durara season 2 was released in 2015. The second season of Durarara has 12 episodes in total.

So far, there are no official announcements about the release date of Durarara Season 3 but we expect the same pattern to be followed by the production house, which means a five-year gap in another season.

So, we only have one option, which we hope will come in 2022 or even by 2023.

Maybe a new season is coming soon ….

Trailer of Durarara Series

Frequently Asked Questions Related of Durarara Series Season 3 :-

What is Durarara?

The anime is the continuation of the television show, Durarara. It was broken into three episode groups called “cours’. Under the names: Shō, Ten and Ketsu respectively.  

How many episodes does Durarara season 3 have?


As the third season is not yet released or any information is given on that. There is no idea how many episodes will be released. The first season of this anime had 24 episodes and the second season was released with a total of 12 episodes.

How many seasons are Durarara?

There is no release date for the third season. The first season of this anime had 24 episodes. 5 years later, the second season was released with a total of 12 episodes. Looking at this, we can estimate when the third season will be released.

Where can we watch the previous season of Durarara ?

Anyone can watch the previous seasons of Durarara on Hulu under the free trial.

Last Lines 

Currently, there is no official news for Durarara Season 3 but we expect it to come soon. So, if you haven’t watched the previous episodes at that time, just go watch it at the links mentioned above.

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