Dragonar Academy of Season 2 : Is It Still Happening?

dragonar academy season 2

The Dragonar Academy series is a book in Japanese. Fantasy, romance, and Harem are some of the subgenres of the show. Shiki Mizuchi is the author of this light book, and Media Factory is the company that makes it. It was written by Noburu Kimura, who also directed the anime version of the series. Shunsuke Tada and Tomoyuki Kurokawa directed the show. Ryoji Maru was the person who took the picture. It ran from April 5 to June 21 this year.

At the end of the show there are 12 episodes. It’s the show’s theme song, and Yui Sakakibara wrote it. MOST DO  no MOSTEST by Maariya Ise is the show’s ending theme. An IMDb review says it’s worth 6.7 stars and the graph says it’s worth 7.3. Audiences fell in love with the show because it had great animation and a unique storyline.

dragonar academy season 2

The Premiere Date of Dragonar Academy Season 2

C- station hasn’t renewed the show for a second season, even though fans love it. The show was cancelled because the first season didn’t do well. In the beginning of the show, the ratings were a little lower than normal, and the critical reaction was not as positive as the producers had hoped. Because no other studio has said they want to make a second season, there is no way to know for sure that it will happen. Because the public doesn’t like this show, it doesn’t have a chance. To make the second season happen, you have to ask C-station for it and keep supporting it.

Participants in the Second Season of Dragonar Academy

There is no cast because this is an animated film. Some voice actors, on the other hand, have provided the vocals for a variety of animated characters. Ash Blake, a 16-year-old kid, is still waiting for his dragon companion to awaken. Koji Takahashi provided the voice for the character. It is during his second year that he establishes the Independent Order of the Avalon Knights. Eco is Ash’s dragon pal who appears as a girl. Despite the fact that she is fully aware that Ash is her master, she still regards him as such. Her pride, though, prevents her from admitting it. Because she knows that if she accepts his affections, he will treat her like a pet, she is eager to receive it. In addition to that, she wants something more from him. According to Mother Dragon, she’s both a dragon and a human. Mariya Ise lends her voice to the character.

dragonar academy season 2

The Second Season of Dragonar Academy

Breeders, a term used to describe the people who reside on Arc Strada’s continent, raise and train their companions. Breeders create new dragon species. At Ansarivan Dragonar Academy, they’re normally a piece of cake for the kids. Ash Blake, on the other hand, is an exception. Among his peers, he’s a troubled first-year college student. Even though his seikoku predicts he will become the next Dragon Master, this hasn’t yet happened. To test his mettle, he summons his dragon and goes up against Princess Silvia Lautreamont, another of his classmates. The first time anyone has ever seen something like this. His dragon takes on the form of a gorgeous young woman. It turns out that she is the master and labels him her servant when he names her Eco. Ash’s issues are just getting started right now.

The Season 2 Trailer for Dragonar Academy

There is no trailer or teaser for the second season because it has not been announced. However, if you’re interested, you can view the first season’s trailer by visiting the following website. If you enjoyed the trailer and would like to see the complete programme, Hulu has it for premium subscribers.


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