Dolmen Sci-fi with Cosmic Horror Action Role-Playing Game Release Date 2022!

Dolmen: Dolmen is a horrifying new action role-playing game that blends aspects of futuristic sci-fi with cosmic horror. Will your timeline be obliterated, or will you survive and complete your objective by defeating your enemies?

Dolmen transports players to Revision Prime, a violent extraterrestrial world.

What is the nature of your work? Return with samples of a crystal with special qualities, the so-called “Dolmen.”
These crystals have the potential to allow contact between realities, revolutionizing space exploration and forever altering the known world.


Each combat in Dolmen will make you stronger!

Enjoy a robust fighting system with a wide range of weapons and techniques at your disposal.
To defeat the most difficult adversaries Revision Prime has to offer, switch naturally between melee and ranged combat.


In Dolmen, energy management is crucial to winning. Energy is used for more than just ranged weaponry; it’s also used to activate “Energy Mode.”

“Energy Mode” imbues your melee weapons with elemental status effects, allowing you to exploit your opponent’s weaknesses to the fullest.

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A ruined, darkly beautiful planet beckons exploration.
Will you be able to uncover all of Revision Prime’s secrets? Or will you be pushed to the edge of death by this merciless world?


The last thing this world wants you to do is to survive. Will you see your timeline obliterated or will you face the task that awaits you?


Revion Prime is home to a slew of terrifying monsters that will put your talents to the test.

Dolmen Gameplay


Dolmen can be described as cosmic horror or science fiction. It’s a third-person action game with RPG elements and a Lovecraftian plot that challenges players to uncover the universe’s darkest secret!

The action will take place on the planet Revion Prime, which has been forgotten. And it won’t be easy: as you build new things and equipment from your foes’ corpses, adaptation and exploration will be your major weapons! Every move you make could be your last!

Use your experience points to better yourself and face challenges that no human has ever experienced before. After all, “The life of man is of no higher consequence to the universe than that of an oyster,” as David Hume put it. Maybe he was correct, or maybe he wasn’t.

Dolmen Plot

To survive Dolmen, you can use melee and ranged fighting techniques, and if those don’t work, you can switch to Energy Mode, which imbues your assaults with elemental status effects and destroys opponents within striking distance. Of course, if you make a mistake, the timeline will be erased, leaving you to strive to restore your place in a wrecked, terrifying world.

Strategic and Dynamic Combat – What options do you have if you’re in this situation? Well, if you’re going to have to deal with the unexpected, you’ll have to improvise!

Intense Melee Combat – Engage in intense melee combat with a variety of weapons and moves! Attack, block, and dodge as you try to avoid as well as damage the enemies.

Smart Ranged Combat – Use elemental bullets from ranged weapons to inflict various debuffs on foes! All species respond differently to each combination, keeping confrontations fresh and challenging, so you must always be on your toes!


Energy Management – In order to use your ranged weapons, you must expend some energy. However, this isn’t the sole application of Energy. Your melee weapon will be boosted as well if you activate “Energy Mode.” You can also expend a portion of your Energy to instantly regain a tiny portion of your HP. However, keep in mind that energy does not regenerate on its own, so use it wisely!

Taking on Enemies – Surviving is the absolute last thing the universe wants you to accomplish… Many animals will try to stop you from continuing your adventure so they can continue their own!
Brutal Bosses – Does the human race deserve to exist? Many predatory alphas will say no!

Exploration – Every setting will give you the impression of being separated from Earth, which means you’ll be treated to a completely new set of sights. The path is littered with fungi, corpses, and amorphous stalactites. Revion Prime’s biosphere is infested with several types of vegetative life. Every stage demonstrates many approaches of comprehending the environment: Its flora, fog, and landscape will evolve over time, becoming more daring… You have the ability to own the entire universe. But you’ll never be the same…

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Plot – Learn the language of the cosmos while fighting for survival! The plot might be thought of as a study of the past and future of an extraterrestrial planet through the eyes of a human. Despite the fact that his primary mission was quite different, he was thrust into a world he had never seen before, with no resources and no idea what he would find there. Discover the truth by locating and connecting each piece of the galaxy’s lost alphabet!
Survival – Behold Revion Prime, the last maze leading to the Dolmen!

Craft – Create and upgrade equipment (weapons and armour) to become a member of an extraterrestrial society, or what’s left of it…

You must scour this alien planet for Materials, which you must collect from dead bodies, in order to build the perfect survivor gear! Look for an answer or come up with your own!

Level Up – Your character has a variety of qualities that may be improved by gaining XP by defeating weird life forms! You can level up your character in any way that suits your play style.

Dolmen Release Date

Dolmen will be released on May 20, 2022, by publisher Prime Matter and developer Massive Work Studio on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

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Dolmen is planned to release next year on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC – you can add it to your Steam wishlist right now – and we’re excited about what we’ve seen so far. At the Future Games Show, a new look at the game in action was revealed, displaying more of the hostile alien world of Revion Prime and the difficult combat that will undoubtedly test our abilities (and resolve) in 2022.

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