Does Kate die in Netflix’s Kate? Ending explained

Mary Elizabeth Winstead earned her name as playing Huntress in “Birds of Prey.” As she returns to the screen for Netflix Original, Kate, fans are intrigued by what the ending holds.

After killing a man in front of his daughter, something she swore to never do, Kate is re-thinking her role in the business and even contemplating retirement.

When someone poisons her, and she has 24 hours to live, she uses her last time on earth to track down the person who wants her killed, but does she survive?

KATE | Official Date Announcement | Netflix



KATE | Official Date Announcement | Netflix





Does Kate die in Netflix’s Kate?

Yes, Kate finds Varrick, who has Ani at gunpoint. After a stand-off, Varrick drops to the floor as he is shot in the stomach. Ani then walks Kate onto the roof, where Kate dies.

After a long journey of many ups and down Ani has forgiven Kate for killing her family, so it seems that Kate can die at peace.

Before this, Kate and Kijima were on their way to Renji as Kate takes her final adrenaline shot, which will give her an hour left to live and the chance to kill Varrick.

Netflix’s Kate ending explained

Near the beginning, Kate tracks down Stephen who she had been on the night out with before getting poisoned, he revealed the poisoning was ordered to be done by the Kijima family.

Kijima’s niece, Ani, is kidnapped by Kate as it is revealed that she could help, The Kijima gang treat this as a betrayal and try to kill her. Kate saves Ani and takes her on the journey with her.

After a deadly fight where Ani kills Jojima, they find a device with GPS tracking on Renji. When they find Renji, he only says that Kijima went to ‘be amongst family’ but Ani knows exactly where to go and takes them to their old family home.

Kate calls Varrick to tell him that she found Kijima and she wants to kill him. This happens just before Kijima tells Kate that Renji and Varrick teamed up to kill Ani’s father as they were jealous and had then poisoned Kate so that she won’t find out. As this is all happening, Varrick finds Ani and tells her that Kate is actually the one who killed her father.

Ani is so angry with the truth that she shoots Kate as she is coming out of the home, Ani then gets into Varrick’s car. Kijima gives Kate a knife for her to save Ani and kill Varrick. Varrick is angry with Renji for poisoning Kate but the pair make up and Renji welcomes Varrick into the Yakuza.

This is when the stand off happens and both Varrick and Kate fall to their death.

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