DJI Osmo Mobile 4 Leaks are Here, Now With Magnetic Quick Mounts

DJI Osmo Mobile 3

DJI is known for making quality camera drones and quadcopters. Their smartphone gimbals are already famous, allowing content creators across the world to create the content of top quality. Recently, we have got our hands on a crispy, new leak that will attract video content creators.

DJI is highly likely to announce a new product into the market – a smartphone gimbal. The product is supposed to be named ‘Osmo Mobile 4’, with the abbreviation ‘OM 4’. Win Future has revealed the gossip around the product.

They also post a video leak on Twitter showing how the camera mount allows you to snap the phone quickly to it. Compared to other products and even previous DJI products, it is a significant improvement. 

There was a significant issue with gimbals earlier. The phone had to be slid into a claw-styled mount for filming. However, this time they have made an excellent improvement. Now you get to attach a magnetic disk to the phone’s backside, and it will quickly attach to the gimbal. The magnets have been used to form this mechanism. 

There are a couple of images and a video uploaded by WinFuture to give you an idea of the new product. The video tells you about the software related specifications. You get a new feature in it – Dolly Zoom Effect, yeah Hitchcock’s iconic effect. Gesture control and hyper-lapse are also continued in it. 

Source: WinFuture

As per WinFuture, the gimbal is powered by a 2,450mAh battery that gives you almost 15-hour output. Plus it comes with a USB-C port. DJI will likely sell it for $150 retail price.

What do you think about it? Do you think this will revolutionize the market for entertainers? Drop the comments below to let us know. Please support us by reading our latest content. Stay home, stay safe. 

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