3 Major Plot Holes in Death Note Anime Series

Death Note anime
Death Note anime

Some time back, I read the complete Death Note Manga. I loved it. Recently, I found out the availability of Death Note anime on Netflix. I was curious. How one of my manga will be with sound, visuals? So, that’s when I purchased Netflix subscription and binge-watched the Death Note Season 1 completely.

Just like the manga, I loved Death Note anime. However, when I compared Death note manga with the anime, I found some plot holes. So, in this post, I’ll discuss some of these plot holes with you. Let’s jump straight into this –

Death Note Season 1 Plot Holes

These are some of the occasions where I encountered plot holes.

Death Note Season 1 Episode 4

In the beginning, a bank robber comes and hijacks the bus. Then somehow Light makes contact with his date. He’s going to grab the gun as soon as he turns around. However, at the same time, the FBI interrupts him to catch the bank robber.

In this episode, the writers wanted the viewers to believe in everything they throw at them. However, that’s not the truth.

That not bt Light was already seen by Raye. Further in the show, even Light said that 2nd hijacker will reveal his true identity in only one condition. And that is if anything goes wrong with their actual plan.

To further communicate with his date, Light utilized the note in the best possible manner. A Light jumped to grab the hijacker’s gun, Raye saw everything that was written on the note. When Light was communicating to his date through that note and as Raye tried to pick the gun of the second hijacker.

Now, after this incident, you tell me. How can anyone believe in Light’s word? I don’t. What about you? Let me know your thought in the comments section given at the end of this post.

Even Raye had the chance to dodge all the claims made by Light. he could simply refuse to everything by saying ‘I have seen your note even this is alarming’. However, in the end, Raye decided to reveal his identity by showing his ID.

Death Note Season 1 Episode 25

Remember, in episode 25 of Death Note anime, Matuda told that, once found, the killer will be executed. Further, L revealed the punishment to be either death of execution or Life Imprisonment.

However, Rem assumed light’s plan. She thought, for saving Misa, Light wanted her to finish L and sacrifice her life.

However, by the end of episode 24, Misha came back to HQ after digging out the death notebook. Then Rem got surprised to see Misha’s life as half yet she didn’t reveal to anybody that Misha is going to die soon. Later, both L & Rem died and Misa got the lifespan of Rem. All this happened in 2007 and she died in 2013 by jumping over the bridge.

That’s just 6 additional years. So, that means, Rem had only 6 years to live. But how’s that possible. A Shinigami is supposed to live centuries. Aren’t they? That’s the only thing I could not digest in this episode. What do you think of this plot hole? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section given at the end of this post.

Death Note Season 1 Episode 5

Are you familiar with the working of Death note? Well, its basic concept is that it requires the writer to remember the faces while writing. However, that was not the case when Raye wrote the names of every FBI persons present in japan.

I don’t think, Raye knew the faces of all the FBI officers present in Japan. So, how’s that possible? I know what you’ll say next – Light instructed Raye to write all the names while looking at the picture.

But don’t you think, he was under immense pressure from KIRA. So, how’s it possible for him to look at the photo, remember their faces, and write their name? It’s natural to remember some faces, but I can’t digest the fact that he had assumed the identity of every FBI personnel present in Japan.

This situation looks way more perfect for light. Isn’t it? What do you think of this? Let me know your thoughts on the plot hole via the comments section given below.

Final Words

These are some plot holes that I discovered throughout the one and only season of Death Note anime. If by chance I missed any important plot hole than feel free to update me in the comments section given below. That’s all for now. If you like this post, then do check out my other post where I’ve added 10 superb seven deadly sins episodes of all-time.


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