Dead by Daylight Update 1.97 Official Patch Notes & Bug Fixes

Dead by Daynight
Dead by Daynight

Behavioral Digital, the head developers of Dead by Daylight have revealed the patch notes to the next official update.

The updated version 1.74 patch notes bring tons of new features for you. Features that’s available for all the players to download on their PS5 gaming console.

Now, without much delay let’s straight get to the Dead by Day update 1.97 patch notes:

Dead by Daylight Update 1.97 Patch Notes


Aura Rework

Whenever a new patch update is pushed, it tries to fix up major bugs from the previous updates. Now, the developers have refactored the Aura System on a technical level. By doing so, they want to make the game less buggy and easier to maintain in the future.

To support the new, refactor, its visuals are changed in the new update. Changes in the appearance of Auras is quite noticeable. Technically speaking, there aren’t many functional changes to the game. to make sure the system is easier to maintain and less prone to bugs in the future.

Promo Code System is added to the Store

Get exclusive discounts. Just don’t keep your eyes off social media and forums as you might get some promotional codes to avail discounts for the in-game purchase.

Killer Selection

Now, when killers are in the lobby and searching for a match, they can’t change their characters. It’s prohibited in the latest patch update (Except for custom matches). Developers have done this to make sure there’s a much better balance in all the teams. So, instead of a global killer rating, match-making will be based on your individual skills with other killers.



  • When performing a chainsaw sweep, there was an issue that caused chainsaw to continue playing. With this Dead by Daylight patch updates, the issue is fixed.
  • Before the latest patch update, there was an issue related to charging the static blast ability. Survivors outside of Terror Radius were unable to the audio cue and the recent update has permanently fixed this issue.
  • After Nurse’s Mori, the latest update fixed issue where Jane Romero was forced to clip her hands through the chest.
  • Previously, a minor injury caused survivors to drop double the amount of Blood orbs. Now, while performing the action, it’s been reduced.
  • When carrying a survivor, this issue prevented the entry of blood fury especially when the power meter was filled.
  • Earlier, as soon as survivor cleanses with the last pool of devotion, it used to instantly activate the built-in corruption mode. Now, the activation process takes up to 5 seconds of total time.
  • After the high ground, the Plague was not used to return smoothly with idle animation and stagger briefly. Now, that’s been fixed.


  • For injured survivors, bloodstains on clothing are disabled permanently. Disabled the bloodstains on clothing for injured survivors. This feature was only being tested and is still a work in progress.
  • Now, with the latest patch update, pause the tantrum meter. Release the tantrum button and you’re good to go. And as soon as you put the chainsaw away, the tantrum meter will automatically go down.
  • Pause the overheat meter just by releasing the power button. Furthermore, as soon as the chainsaw is put away, the overheat meter will start going downwards.
  • In various cooldown phases, the chainsaw doesn’t generate heat. This includes a chainsaw miss, a chainsaw hit, and colliding with obstacles.
  • When actively revving from 8 charges/second to 10 charges/second, it used to generate a high amount of heat. Now, with this update of Dead by Daylight, it’s been reduced to a lower level.
  • When not overheating from -5 charges/second to -3.5 second/ second, the dissipation rate will be increased.

Final Words

That’s all for now. These are the new features and bug fixes that’ll arrive in Dead by Daylight 1.97 Patch Update. After updating the game to the latest version, if you found any new issues then do let me know about them in the comments section given below. In the meanwhile, if you play Valorant in your pc, do check out my previous post on all the Valorant error codes and their legit solution.

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