Bubble Like Environment Created by the Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys

To say that we are living in unprecedented times is perhaps an understatement given the world as we know it amid Covid-19. Everything we have ever known has been dramatically impacted. With so much happening around us this year and the pandemic impacting drastically across the globe makes us realize that there are bigger and important things in life than sports and games.

This realization had led to cancellation of many matches and tournaments. But there are some matches conducted with precautions and bio secure protocol followed strictly by the players which are highly appreciated by the sports lovers all over the world.

NBA has operated such a bubble environment for the matches and many other teams and leagues are following NBA and the New Orleans Saints have made it and now it seems that Dallas Cowboys are heeding to this advice. ESPN reports that Cowboys Bubble is happening at the The Star.

The cowboys have blocked rooms in the hotels for the players in an effort to create a training camp which has a bubble like environment. Though three people who were aware of this setup confirmed it to USA today, ESPN were the first to report the arrangement officially adding that players will start checking from the next day of such arrangement.

The Omni Hotel is part of The Star and the One person who was involved in the arrangements said that Omni stays were an option for the players and the same was intimated to the players and also that the team will cover the cost of the players whoever chooses to avail themselves of the Omni opportunity.

Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, who signed with the Cowboys in March, confirmed he’ll stay at the hotel. And Jori Epstein in his twitter confirmed about the arrangements that the cowboys have made available for the players @JoriEpstein as also the ESPN NFL reporter Todd Archer who said that large number of Dallas cowboys are forming their own virtual bubble training camp.

@toddarcher. It is said that many of the teams that achieves success in the NFL this season will be the ones that combats the pandemic the best and Cowboys are being appreciated widely by all as they are putting their effort in everything to ensure the best precautions during the play.

There are three Dallas cowboys’ games that are much awaited now in this season.The pandemic is indeed creating lot of hassle, however, cowboy’s are taking all the possible
steps to stay protected. Hopefully, the idea of bubble-like environment proves even better and let the game go on.

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