Sega-Is Planning To Spend A “Big Amount” On Crazy Taxi And Jet Set Radio Reboots!

The startup aspires to become a global gaming phenomenon with cash flow.

Crazy Taxi and its sequels are all score attack games with the same basic concepts and regulations. The player takes control of one of several taxi drivers in a fictional metropolis, searching for passengers and transporting them to their destinations as quickly as possible. The player must complete this task while the overall game clock is still running.

Passengers looking for a ride are identified by a colored overhead marker that indicates the distance to their desired destination. The color markers indicate short journeys, intermediate trips, and long trips, with red representing short excursions, yellow indicating intermediate distances, and green indicating long trips. The player receives additional time on the countdown clock when a passenger is picked up.

A second countdown timer is also begun, which represents how quickly the traveler must arrive at their location.

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A huge green arrow appears on the player’s HUD while a passenger is in the cab, pointing in the general direction of the passenger’s destination to assist the player in navigating the map.

crazy taxiThe new map will be larger than the current one and more color in taxis along with more car changing options and more stability.

Jet Set Radio

Jet Set Radio (also known as Jet Grind Radio in North America) is a Dreamcast action game developed by Smile bit and published by Sega in 2000. The player takes control of a member of the GGs, a juvenile gang that travels Tokyo on inline skates, spraying graffiti, battling rival gangs, and avoiding authorities.

The player takes control of a member of a gang of inline skaters who use graffiti to make a living. Street, Rival Showdown, and Trial are the three types of stages in the game.  There are two types of street levels available.

The first is to tag every graffiti spot in each region that has already been tagged by a rival gang before the timer runs out while avoiding the cops. The second category acts as a boss battle, chasing and spraying graffiti on opposing gang members. The authorities get more lethal as more graffiti points are spray-painted.

jet set radio

Graffiti points are indicated with arrows and must be tagged with paint. Depending on the size of the graffiti space, players can spray graffiti by pressing a single button or using the analog stick to input commands. If a player runs out of paint, they must resupply by finding yellow and blue spray cans strewn over the stage.

Yellow spray cans replenish one can, while blue spray cans refill five cans.  Enemies will track down players and try to deplete their health. Obtaining red and green spray cans will refresh your health. Performing stunts earns the player bonus points and allows them to access locations that are otherwise inaccessible.

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Future Development Of Crazy Taxi And Jet Set Radio

Sega is said to be working on big-budget remakes of two cult classics: Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio. Bloomberg reports that the Japanese game company intends to produce new games that can become worldwide bestsellers like Fortnite and generate recurrent revenue, citing “people familiar with its ambitions.”

crazy taxi and jet set radio

Of course, a variety of factors have contributed to Fortnite’s success. It’s cross-platform, free-to-play, and uses cosmetic micro-transactions to make money for publisher Epic Games. According to Bloomberg, Sega isn’t exactly following this mold, but it’s difficult to imagine how you’d make a Fornite-like hit without. duplicating Fornite’s fundamental characteristics.

For a long time, there have been hints about Sega’s aspirations in this area. Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi were mentioned in the company’s annual earnings report for the fiscal year ending March 2021 as “examples of former IP” that it sought to use in reboots, remasters, and remakes. (Rez, Panzer Dragoon, and Streets of Rage were among the other games mentioned.)

The same story mentioned an internal “Super Game” effort, which Sony executive Shuji Utsumi later clarified would entail creating multi-platform AAA games with global distribution. (He also made a passing reference to NFTs, but I believe executives are just saying this as a reflex right now.)

Utsumi indicated earlier this month that many Super Game concepts were in the works, and Bloomberg now reports that Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio are among them. According to Bloomberg, the new Crazy Taxi game has been in production for a year, with a release date of 2024 to 2025. Jet Set Radio has no such timeline, and the newspaper emphasizes that “these new games are in the early phases of development and could potentially be canceled.

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Things are still in the early stages of development, but it’s exciting to think about what Sega could do with these titles. Both games were released in 2000 for Sega’s Dreamcast (Crazy Taxi had been released in arcades the year before) and quickly developed cult followings thanks to their attractive graphics and tunes.

Crazy Taxi challenged players to deliver fares as quickly as possible throughout a fictional San Francisco, while Tokyo-based Jet Set Radio featured a variety of game types centered on inline skating and graffiti tagging.

Both games are primarily concerned with gameplay rather than plot, but Jet Set Radio’s use of factions and competitions appears to be particularly well suited to the type of mass-participation multiplayer that has helped Fortnite become so popular. Who knows, maybe a relaunch of Crazy Taxi may result in a new Offspring theme song?

Anyone who played these games when they first came out would be intrigued. According to comply insights this project will be the most profitable investment of all time which will outnumber its rivela as it is going to spend some of their budgets on NFTs of the characters which will not only increase the cash flow of the company but also raise the share value among all over the world.

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