COVID-19: Norwegian Cruise Ship is Fallen Victim to Outbreak

COVID-19 outbreak on cruise

The world is witnessing an economic crisis since the outbreak of COVID-19 this year. The explosion has crushed the travel and transportation sector slowly. The cruising businesses have to cancel their trips due to the outbreak.

The first cruise ship from Norway, Roald Amundsen, resumed its journey to the Arctic after the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the decision to continue the sailing appears to be miscalculated by the company. The outbreak on the ship has caused the people to be hospitalized immediately.

COVID-19: Roald Amundsen’s Story

Hurtigruten, a Norwegian shipping and cruise company has announced that it is experiencing an outbreak of COVID-19 on the cruise ship it had resumed recently.
The four crew members of the sailing ship, Roald Amundsen, have been hospitalized due to infection.

The vessel had completed its first-ever journey since March. It was sailing from Tromsø, Norway to Svalbard. The ship had returned after sailing out in the Northern Arctic for a week. It was docked in the port of Tromsø.

The crew members have been admitted to University Hospital of North Norway in Tromsø. The crew members were experiencing sickness and symptoms of COVID-19 during their journey to Svalbard.

They were isolated on the ship during the trip, however, it was only after returning to Tromsø they were tested positive on Friday. It’s not sure if they are merely being hospitalized to keep others safe, or they are seriously sick of infection.

There were 164 crew members on it, along with 177 passengers.The ship has been left at the dock for isolation. The authority has decided to test all the remaining crew members. They are also trying to alert and check the passengers who were aboard the vessel.

The company has decided to delay the next voyage of the cruise, which was due on Friday. Hurtigruten has been trying to restart its cruising trips since June. The company had conducted cruise trips to Norway from Hamburg in Germany last month. They have also started trips to Svalbard.

Final Words

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