Coronavirus Rumours: Facebook to Fight Misinformation


Since the coronavirus pandemic situation started, people are talking about it on social media at a considerable level. Now Facebook has decided to take an intense action of removing all the Coronavirus rumours from their platform.

Facebook said they are going to launch a dedicated section of “Facts About Covid-19” to filter out all the rumours which people are spreading on Facebook. People use social media platforms to interact with their friends and family members.

Now to make sure no one is sharing the Coronavirus rumours on their Facebook account, the company has decided to bring this new section. Under this new section, all unnecessary tales that people are sharing will put on hold and will be deleted. 

There are rumours which were going on Facebook a few days ago that hydroxychloroquine prevents coronavirus.

Another similar myth was drinking bleach will prevent Covid-19 virus. Now the company has decided to make sure the social media platform is used for betterment and fact-checking information only.

Coronavirus Rumours: Why Facebook is Fighting Against Misinformation?

Coronavirus Rumours
Source: TechCrunch

Facebook’s official revealed in a statement about launching a dedicated section of Facts About The Covid-19”. The use of Facebook has increased from the last few days since everyone has been home quarantined because of the ongoing situation.

The use of social media platforms to spread the myth or rumours is not a new thing. If people are going to believe in these rumours, then it can be more harmful than anyone’s expectations. 

WHO issued complete guidelines on what people should do, and what type of precautions they are required to follow. It seems like everyone is intelligent on the social media platform, which is sharing the Covid-19 related information without any facts checking.

Facebook is already spreading the precautions by showing alerts at the top of Facebook and Instagram. When a user signed in to their account, they are shown to wear Masks for their safety.

However, now they have decided to bring more transparency to the platform by removing all the unnecessary information. 


Facebook said they had connected more than two billion users to the health authorities and their required information related to the coronavirus. They are making sure everyone gets the correct data about the ongoing pandemic situation.

As of now, more than 600 people have clicked on the coronavirus pop-up on both Instagram and Facebook.

This number shows how much people desperately want to know about Covid-19 happenings around the world.

Various people and organizations are raising funds for the coronavirus pandemic. The company said so far more than $100 million had been raised by multiple users all over the world. The influence of Facebook and Instagram has increased especially among teenagers.

So the information they receive must be filtered and fact-checked. 

Mark Zuckerberg has already criticized the US government for not handling the pandemic situation correctly. According to him, many developing countries are implementing the right policies to stop the spread of coronavirus than developed country like the US.  

Let us know what you think about this new decision of Facebook, adding a feature to remove the Covid-19 rumours. 

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