Coronavirus: Spanish Authorities to Kill 100,000 Mink

Coronavirus threatens Mink
Source: Fur Free Alliance

Mink fur is a big industry across Europe. Several countries like Spain, Netherlands, and Denmark have millions of mink breeding at farms that harvest valuable fur from the slaughtered mink. However, there’s bad news coming out from Spain during the Coronavirus outbreak for fur enthusiasts and mink farm owners. 

The Spanish authorities of North-eastern region Aragon have officially ordered the culling of over 100,000 mink at a local mink farm. The COVID – 19 positive test results of mink from the farm prompted the authorities to take this drastic decision.  

Almost over a hundred thousand mink have been ordered to kill after the authorities found out that the animals have been infected with the sickness. 

The outbreak in the Aragon region, which is a land-locked region east of Madrid, started when a local farm worker’s wife found out to be COVID positive.

Not long after her test results came out, her husband and other six coworkers were also COVID infected. The health authorities of the region decided to take measures to prevent the further spread of the virus.

As per BBC reports, the tests were conducted on the contaminated mink farm, and shocking results turned out on July 13, when the almost 87% mink breeding at that farm were infected with Coronavirus. Soon afterwards, the extermination of mink at the place was ordered. 

The decision was taken by Agricultural minister of Aragon, Joaquin Olona, who stated that it was to prevent the further spread of the virus across the region and protect the lives of citizens. However, the mass-slaughtering of mink is enough to cause significant financial troubles to the farm owners.

The authorities have decided to help the farmers caught in this situation. The government will pay financial compensation to the farm owners whose farms have been contaminated. 

Coronavirus and Mink Farm Connection

Coronavirus infects Mink

The scientists are studying how the virus must have spread among the animals. Two theories are surfacing after the event, one: the virus originated in the animals and eventually spread among the humans. 

Another theory, the virus was spread across the globe through humans, and human contact has infected the animals. Though the scientists are studying the spread, unknown risks are awaiting the vulnerable animals. 

Mink business is a big industry in Europe. However, the conditions of farms across the continent is horrible to put it simply. The mink live in such a situation that’s easier for any virus or bacteria outbreak to spread. 

Not surprisingly, cases of millions of mink being positive have surfaced. The animal conservationists fear that the further spread of the virus can be deadly to the endangered animals like Chimpanzee and Gorillas. It’s already been confirmed that dogs and cats can carry the virus.

With the recent spread of Coronavirus in Mink, the scientists are studying the effects of the disease on the infected animals. 

It’s not just Spain that has ordered the Mink extermination. News headlines suggest that Denmark and Netherlands have already killed thousands of mink from their local farms. 

How to protect the animals from Coronavirus is a big challenge to the authorities now.

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