COVID-19: College Athletes are Facing Identity Crisis

College Athletes in Identity Crisis

As we all are well aware that Covid-19 has impacted many people’s lives, not just healthwise, it is affecting career-wise as well. We are hearing now and then about college sports Big-10, Pac-12 are postponed, and players are not ready to give up.

Instead of knowing the risk of playing in the field in the presence of the deadly virus, players want to stick to their routine and keep on playing on the ground.

The athletes who play in the fall sports, they are the students who dedicate their lives fully to the competitions. We will find that the players are very young and they are playing this Division One football.

It is because they have been playing since age six and they spend almost 43 hours average in a week on football in between practice, team meetings, games. It is not just the play; they have created and marketed their Identity through school.

A former athlete and a college president of a student-athlete who even played for Division I Ivy league has spent a lot of time in understanding the psychology of sports and him commented that he can see that the college football players are facing “Identity the crisis” as of now.

According to studies if anyone’s social Identity has been disrupted by anything, then that a person is more intent to go towards depression. For some people there social Identity is what keeps them alive in their relationship or any group, this will lead to them in a feeling of distress, and they are quite vulnerable towards losing themselves.

According to many psychologists, they have found that athletes base their own Identity on the games, and they tend to lose themselves if they are not playing the sport for a longer time. The same thing happened with Olympic players. We have heard in many news about

The Olympic gold medalist has been through depression after the Olympic game was over.

Covid-19 Impacting the Lives of Many Professionals

 This time Covid-19 has just not hampering the growth of athletes but other professionals as well. There are many professionals whose Identity has been anchored in one profession and famous as well. But with this situation, they are not just losing social Identity. They are losing themselves as well.

We can only pray that the situation will not remain this way for the whole time. The students need support from authorities and mainly from their parents. We know it has come to a two-way direction: Either go ahead and play during COVID -19 and cause health issues in the process. Another one is to explore new things to get engaged.

We should be able to choose the right path for the athletes. One should never lose hope. For more such heart-warming stories, please stay tuned with us and stay safe.

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