Love Mystery ? Check Out the Clickbait (Miniseries)


Clickbait (Miniseries) is based on a Drama thriller. I love dramatic series. So, Are you one of them? 

If yes, then have you ever heard about the newly released miniseries the (Clickbait) which is so popular and got 7.4/10 imdb ratings by 6.9k users.

So, let’s have a look towards the director of the miniseries who are working for this to be appreciated .

Brad Anderson (Lead Director) , Emma Freeman, Ben Young and Laura Besley. 

Let’s begin…. To know about the miniseries..

  • Clickbait is an American-Australian drama streaming television miniseries.
  • It was created by Tony Ayres and Christian White.
  • It was released on Netflix on August 25, 2021.
  • It has 8 episodes .
  • The origin of the country was the United States (Australia).
  • The original language is English.
  • The running time of the miniseries is 42-52 minutes each episode.

Let’s check the Plotline of the Clickbait (Miniseries) 

Plotline of the Clickbait (Miniseries)

The story is about a family man, Nick Brewer who lives a harmless peaceful life. Until one day when he is kidnapped and forced to make a ransom video. The video has a series of cards with clues which gives the hint that he will die when the video reaches five million views. In addition to that, the cards also conclude that Nick has murdered someone and that he hurts women.

In most of the show, he is shown to be a very responsible and caring man for his family but throughout the series, it is shown that he is connected with many suspected characters


Nick was killed at the end of episode 2 of the show. But it is still not explained who and why he was kidnapped and killed.

Clickbait (Miniseries) Ending Explained

At the end of the show, the kidnappers were revealed to be Simon and his friend Daryl. They did this because Simon was the brother of the woman who was in a virtual romance with Nick. she committed suicide after that. 

But it was revealed that Nick was not the one who was talking to her. It was someone pretending to be Nick and having a virtual love story with her. As soon as it was revealed, he was set free to go back to his old life. 

The person talking to other women was Dawn. She talked to many women and had quite a relationship with them. When Nick found this truth, he talked to Dawn and threatened to open their secret. To keep this secret a secret, Ed killed Simon.

That is the reason why, even after setting him free by Simon, Nick was found dead.

Characters/Cast of the Clickbait (Miniseries)



  • Zoe Kazan as Pia Brewer (the younger sister of Nick)
  • Betty Gabriel as Sophie Brewer (the wife of Nick)
  • Phoenix Raei as Roshan Amiri (an Oakland Police Department detective)
  • Adrian Grenier as Nick Brewer 
  • Motell G Foster as Curtis Hamilton (a former colleague of Sophie’s whom she had an affair with)
  • Jessie Collins as Emma Beesley (a woman who claimed to be Nick’s mistress)
  • Abraham Lim as Ben Park (a ruthless reporter and associate producer for GBZ Online) 


  • Cameron Engels as Ethan Brewer (Sophie and Nick’s eldest son)
  • Jaylin Fletcher as Kai Brewer (Sophie and Nick’s youngest son)
  • Liz Alexander as Andrea Brewer (Pia and Nick’s mother)
  • Becca Lish as Dawn Gleed (the administration manager at the Merritt Sports Performance Center)
  • Kate Lister as Jeannine Murphy
  • Adel Della Massa as Paula
  • Emily Goddard as Linda (the administration coordinator at the Merritt Sports Performance Center)
  • Mia Challis as Jenny
  • Renee Lim as Alice (Sophie’s friend who is also her attorney)
  • Alexis Watt as Jessica Centeno
  • Ian Meadows as Matt Aldin (Nick’s best friend and colleague at the Merritt Sports Performance Center)
  • Steve Mouzakis as Det. Zach De Luca
  • Jack Walton as Vince (a patient of Pia who helps her finds out what happened to Nick)
  • Ezra Bix as Det. Josephson
  • Salme Geransar as Det. Majano
  • Dean Cartmel as Det. Feldman
  • Jake Unsworth as Colin Howard
  • Akosia Sabet as Bailey Quinn


  • Daniel Henshall as Simon Burton, (the brother of a woman named Sarah Burton)

Trailer of Clickbait (Miniseries)


The official trailer is mentioned below. You can watch the trailer and You will get more knowledge about the miniseries (Clickbait).

Release Date of Clickbait (Miniseries)

Clickbait (miniseries) was released on August 25,2021.

Episodes List of Clickbait (Miniseries)

S.No             Episode Name              Release Date

  1.                  The Sister                     25 August 21
  2.                  The Detective                25 August 21
  3.                  The Wife                       25 August 21
  4.                  The Mistress                  25 August 21
  5.                  The Reporter                 25 August 21
  6.                  The Brother                   25 August 21
  7.                  The Son                        25 August 21
  8.                  The Answer                   25 August 21

The episode list of Clickbait(miniseries) is mentioned above.

Faqs Related to Clickbait (Miniseries):-

How Many Episodes Is Clickbait?


In Clickbait there are 8 episodes and you can easily stream it on Netflix. In this each and every episode is focused on a different player in the game and starting Pia’s relationship with Nick and her discovery that he’s missing.

Who Killed Nick in Clickbait?

Dawn’s husband (Ed)  killed  Nick. Unfortunately, the argument concurred with Sarah reaching out because of this an upset Dawn sent those harsh breakup messages.

What Channel Is Clickbait on?

Clickbait is available on Netflix and It was released on August 25, 2021 as a Clickbait (miniseries)

Final Words

Lets sign off with another drama thriller and if you haven’t watched the Clickbait (miniseries) till now then go and watch from the above mentioned links.

If you have any queries then, ask in the comment section below. We feel glad to answer them .Share the article with your friends and teammates. 

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