China-US Tension: China Orders Closure of American Consulate in Chengdu

China-US Tension

The world is fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. People are getting infected, and many are dying at an alarming rate. Whereas, something else is happening on the stage of world politics. China-US tension has been increasing with each passing day. Are we approaching the old days of the Cold War era?   

The reason China-US tension is increasing is pretty evident to you if you have followed the political landscape. Amidst this chaotic atmosphere, the Chinese government has given orders to the U.S. consulate in Chengdu to cease the operation. 

China-US Tension: What Led to This Step by China?  

The closure orders for the Chengdu office of the U.S. came right after Washington decided to shut down the Chinese consulate operation in Houston. The U.S. diplomats working at the Chengdu office received orders on Friday that their license to operate in Chengdu has been revoked.

It means the U.S. consulate in Chengdu has to stop all their business and diplomatic activities before the deadline.  

Official Statements from China

The spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Wang Wenbin, held a press conference on Friday.  He released statements saying that what Beijing did was ‘right and essential decision’ after what happened with Houston’s China consulate. 

It’s Beijing’s retaliation to Washington. He added that the US consulate of Chengdu was doing anti-diplomatic activities. The embassy staff was indulging in the activities that are against China’s national security interests, and they also poke their nose in the country’s internal affairs. 

Meanwhile, US officials are also not leaving any opportunity to expose the alleged facade of China. They have accused Chinese diplomats posted in the US of engaging in espionage activities.

China-US Tension: What’s the Outcome?

After Washington gave orders to shut down the Houston office of Chinese embassy, the foreign policy analysts speculated that China would retaliate by doing the same to American consulate. They expected closure of the Wuhan consulate, but China went after Chengdu office.

US diplomats working in the Wuhan consulate had evacuated the place before the pandemic reached global level. Since then no one works at that office. All the operations have been ceased. 

Recently the Chinese authorities have lifted up the lockdown in Wuhan. It’s open for all business. It was expected that American diplomacy would function back to normal. However, the Chinese government is preventing the officials from returning to work. 

China is demanding that US diplomats undergo medical scanning to prevent the spread of COVID. It seems right to those who don’t know the nefarious activities Chinese have previously done.

However, medical testing means biometric information of officials will be exposed to China. That’s how the US is shutting down two offices in China – Wuhan, and Chengdu. 

Final Words

Chinese have escalated the issue by giving the orders to shut-down the Chengdu consulate. It is expected that another consulate of China will face closure after the recent controversy of a Chinese military scientist fleeing her arrest. The FBI has accused that she’s hiding in the Chinese embassy of San Francisco. 

One of the China-US tensions’ primary reasons is rampant IP theft and espionage activities from China’s side. We expect that soon Washington will revoke the San Francisco office of China. 

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