China : Climber Dead after falling from 62-feet Storey

Image Source : ChannelNewsAsia

A video has gone viral showing Wu Yongning falling from 62 feet storey, Wu Yongning is one of the most popular user with thousands of followers on Chinese site Weibo. He records short videos and photos of him climbing tall buildings without any safety equipment.

According to the viral video gone on the internet, it can be seen that Wu Yonging struggling to climb back 10 seconds after he started the stunt and eventually he gives up and falls from a tall building.

His fans were concerned after he stopped posting videos on the microblogging site weibo, Wu Yonging girlfriend confirmed that he had fallen from the rooftop and was declared dead in a social media post.

According to the family, Wu Yonging was participating in rooftopping challenge with prize money of ~15,000$ (100,000 Yuan).

“He was going to propose his girlfriend the next day and wanted to marry her, he needed the money for his marriage and his ailing mother” Wu’s uncle said.

Rooftopping is a dangerous and popular sport, which can be seen on Image sharing sites such as Instagram.


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