Chicago Looting: 100 Looters Arrested by Chicago Police

Source: AP News

Chicago, IL: Yesterday night, Chicago city’s Magnificent Mile shopping district witnessed a massive looting and rioting incident that left more than 13 police officers injured and damaged shops throughout the district. Following the looting event, the Chicago police department has arrested over a hundred suspects.

David Brown, Chicago Police Department’s superintendent, has called this looting and unrest as an act of “pure criminality.” He insists that the looting was not any kind of organized protest or anything. A crossfire took place between police and looters.

Due to recent riots and looting throughout the country, the Police Dept. of Chicago has decided to guard the downtown area of the city for an unannounced time.  A neighborhood protection program has been deployed by Mayor Lori Lightfoot for upcoming days. The program will remain in action until authorities are assured that citizens are safe. 

It’s still not clear what was the reason behind this unrest and looting. The looting started slightly post midnight. There were reports of dozens of people clashing with police officers after a shooting incident that took place in Englewood on Saturday.

The downtown area, especially Magnificent Mile, witnessed a huge mob of looters breaking store windows, barging inside and stealing the stuff from the shops. There are reports of even banks getting looted and ATMs being ripped open. 

Witnesses have said that stores that earlier were looted during the riots that happened after the death of George Floyd, have again been ransacked by the unknown culprits. Stores’ windows and furniture have been destroyed, items have been stolen. Thieves haven’t even left heavy electronic items like TV sets from the stores. 

The Transit Authority of Chicago has temporarily stopped train and bus services in the city. The bridges that connect Chicago downtown have been lifted. Police are patrolling and blocking expressways.

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