Charmed Season 3: Have the Creators Planned Anything for Next Installment?

Charmed season 3

The show may be on hold, but the magic remains unbound. Forced to wrap prematurely due to the pandemic, this isn’t the last of the 1998 reboot. The creators of CW’s Charmed released a synopsis for their upcoming season to give fans a taste of all that magic that is in store for them. Charmed Season 3 will pick up right where it left in the season 2 finale and follow the new ordeals the Charmed Ones would face in their enchanted world.

Charmed Season 3: Release

CW had already given their nod for season 3 way before its finale in season 2. While season one and two was a reboot, it is expected that the individual storylines would be further explored in the coming season.

Season three will see Mel finding the love of her life, but like Macy, will her love interest also turn out to be a villain? Will the Charmed One’s sisterhood prevail or will Maggie pursue her career, Macy returning to her science roots and Mel’s activism being a downfall? We’ll find out.

Since season one of the show aired in October 2018 and season two in October 2019, it’s safe to assume the third instalment can be expected in October 2020. However, given the current situation, a delay would not be off the table, and one could look at an October 2021 release.

That would surely be a bummer. Although, it is right in time for Halloween to get our spook on!

The Cast

The supernatural series stars Melonie Diaz who plays the titular role of Mel. Sarah Jeffery plays the part of Maggie, whereas Madeleine Mantock channels her inner witch for the part of Macy. Where Macy possesses the power of telekinesis, Maggie can read minds and Mel can freeze time.

Also starring in the show is Rupert Evans as Harry Greenwood and Macy’s potential significant other. Nick Hargrove and Poppy Drayton play the part of Parker Caine and Abigael Jameson- Caine, respectively. The third instalment will see all these stars return to their roles and some new cast members as well!

Charmed Season 3 Plot

The reboot of the 1998 series follows three sisters Mel, Macy and Maggie who in the wake of their mother, Marisol’s murder discover that they are witches. Soon enough, they realize to harness The Power of Three and protect humanity from demons that lurk the earth the three of them must stand together.

Season two sees Mel, Macy and Maggie tackle a significant curve as they move to Seattle and old enemies turn up close by new ones. The Elders must decide if the Charmed Ones are truly prepared for the responsibility. Season two ends with Julian, played by Eric Balfour, undertaking the task to capture and deliver Macy to her magic hating aunt.

Season three may be a long way down; meanwhile, if you need something to pass your time as the cauldron brews, a re-run is never a bad idea.

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