Charlie Slams Potthast Family After Bares All Appearance

90 Day Fiancé’s Charlie Potthast slammed his sisters and brother-in-law for attacking his wife on a recent episode of 90 Day Bares All.

Charlie Potthast of 90 Day Fiancé fame bashed his siblings after his family had harsh words for Charlie’s wife, Megan Potthast, on the latest 90 Day Bares All episode. The feud among the Potthasts emerged when Libby Potthast welcomed husband Andrei Castravet into the family on 90 Day Fiancé. Charlie disliked Andrei from the start and their constant fights have led all the siblings to break apart. The family initially deemed aggressive Andrei to be the problem, but Charlie is now on the outs with the family for his “toxic” behavior, including his arrogant attitude and alleged alcohol abuse. Fans saw the Potthasts’ latest blow-up on the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Tell-All special, where Charlie was further called out by his family members for causing trouble.

Charlie and his wife Megan are speaking out after claiming to be “canceled” out of the Potthast family. Megan appeared alongside Charlie’s sisters, Libby, Jenn, and Becky, as well as Andrei on the season premiere of 90 Day Bares All. The episode quickly got heated between the in-laws after the family grilled Megan about her posts online. Charlie’s sisters and Andrei put down Megan for selling pictures of her body for money. “You’re broke and you’re a porno star,” said Andrei, who accused Megan of selling explicit videos.

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Charlie fired back at his family members for attacking his wife in a now-deleted IGTV video obtained by r/90DayFiance. “It was all women, bro,” Charlie said in reaction to the Bares All segment. “Where were the men at?” Charlie argued Andrei “should have been wearing a dress like everyone else” on the episode because of his remarks toward Megan. “What man talks to a woman like that, bro?” Charlie said. “Only a weak, insecure b****-a**.” Charlie addressed fans’ claims that he didn’t say anything back to Andrei when the Moldovan “talked s***” at the Tell-All special. “Cap,” Charlie said, placing a Washington Bullets hat on his head. “That didn’t happen.” 

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Charlie then turned his message directly to his sisters in defense of his wife. “Jenn, Becky, Libby, all them, what did Megan do to y’all, bro?” Charlie asked. “All y’all are thirsty f****** dragons, bro.” My dad’s the same way,” Charlie said of his father, Chuck Potthast. Charlie accused Chuck of being thirsty for attention. “Meanwhile, we can’t even go to family functions because he let our family cancel us, bro, and he’s cool with that.” Charlie ended the video shaking his head, saying, “Sad, bro.” Fans were disappointed in Charlie’s response. “This dude is unhinged,” one Redditor said of Charlie’s video. “Imagine being a husband & a father of over 30 years old…. Saying ‘bro’ like this & acting the way he does,” another Reddit user wrote.

The Potthast family drama has no end in sight. Though fans enjoy an interesting storyline among 90 Day Fiancé couples, many viewers believe the feud has gone beyond good television. Until the Potthast family agrees to step out of the spotlight to address their issues privately, fans will continue to see the siblings feud on and off-camera.

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Source: Charlie Potthast/Instagram, r/90DayFiance

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