Clash of the Titans: Champions League quarter-final: Barcelona v Bayern Munich

Champions League

With the champions league reaching closer towards its judgment day, the semi-final played between the Spanish champions F.C. Barcelona and the Bundesliga winners F.C. Bayern Munich. The eve of the 14th of August 2020 was filled with two opposite emotions after the final whistle blew.

In the Champions League, where the German side emerged victorious after completely dominating the game right from the beginning until the end.

The Spaniards seemed to be just grazing the grass. Even after having the G.O.A.T called Messi on their side, nothing seemed to save them from the wrath of the blitz attack bestowed on them the German Giants.

Champions League: Highlights of Match

Well, if you are on the Spanish side supporting them, even the highlights would seem like an eternity long. If you are a supporter of the opposite side of the field, even the full-length replay would seem a highlight.

That’s how big the difference was between the way two teams played yesterday. Break out performances came for the Bayern side from Muller, Coutinho, Lewandowski, Kimmich, Gnabry, and Perisic. With all being able to get ball kiss the nets with Muller and Coutinho doing that twice, all and all, it was quite a team effort.

There was just one goal scored by Louis Saurez for Barcelona and a goal they received due to Alaba’s own goal in the first half. The scoreline at 8-2, the Bayern side sealed their spot in the Finals. Dreaming of lifting the cup of Champions League at the night of finals with this staggering performance and a winning streak of 18 in a row, they back themselves as the fan-favorite.

While the dreams for all Messi lead Barcelona side come to an end in the season, they certainly are loud. They must be looking forward to getting better as they have done a million times before.

All we dream of seeing is exhilarating football at its best, and we know that these sides have done that in the past and will keep continuing it in the future.

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