DualShock 4 Controllers Will Going To Work With PS Console, Not...

For the PlayStation lovers the Sony company has made a blog post about DualShock 4 wireless controller with many listed features. Scroll down the...
Valorant Act 2

Valorant Act 2: Latest Leaks and Fans Outbursts on Social Media

Since its release, in June 2020, Valorant has seen quite a success. At the time of its release, riot games introduced a unique battle...
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Real Reason Behind No Local Co-Op in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles...

17 Years back 2003, Square Enix released an action role-playing game Crystal Chronicles that became an overnight success on Nintendo's Gamecube. At that time, Crystal...
Collegiate Esports League

New Siege Collegiate Esports League: Joining Process & Prize Pool

Are you a Collegiate? If you’re, then you’ve got a chance. A chance to represent your college or university. Today in a brief announcement, Ubisoft initiated...
Marvel’s Spider-Man Scarlet Spider

Marvel’s Spider-Man Scarlet Spider Statue Pre-Orders Begins

After a long wait, today’s the day when Marvel’s Spider-Man Scarlet Spider Statue will go live for pre-order. Since the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man...
Dead by Daynight

Dead by Daylight Update 1.97 Official Patch Notes & Bug Fixes

Behavioral Digital, the head developers of Dead by Daylight have revealed the patch notes to the next official update. The updated version 1.74 patch notes...
League of Legends10.16

League of Legends 10.16 Update Complete Patch Notes

In one of my previous posts, I’d listed the complete patch schedule of League of Legends Season 10. As you can see the next...

Enjoy Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection on PS4.

On 28th of July, SNK's have presented their most recent excellent assemblage along with engineer Digital Eclipse:  Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection, for PlayStation 4...
Lego Super Mario

Lego Super Mario: Pre Order Starter Course, Expansions, NES and More

As the release of Lego Super Mario inches closer, we’re getting the updates related to the pre-order of the starter pack. In case, you don’t...

SportsBetting Market Legalized: American Gaming Association

Big news coming out from the panel of American Gaming association “they have legalized sports betting market” and now anyone can bet on sports...

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