American Airlines flights

American Airlines: Flights to 15 American Cities Dropped by the Company

This pandemic has been disastrous for the global economy and businesses. The airline business is one of the worst-hit businesses during the pandemic. Even...

Apple to Give Offer Codes to Developers for Attracting Subscribers

Apple will allow its App Store developers to offer free subscriptions or discounts on subscriptions with new offer codes. Apple has revealed its decision...
Kevin Systrom's email exchange

Kevin Systrom Feared Zuckerberg’s Aggressive Tactics; Antitrust Documents Reveal

Antitrust hearing is one of the hottest topics from the United States' political sphere at the moment. The House Judiciary Committee has published some...
Whole Foods Market

Cashierless Tech of Amazon Go to be Installed at Whole Foods...

According to some gossip floating around the tech industry, Amazon is likely to test its cashierless technology at Whole Foods stores, says New York...
T-Mobile Project 10Million

T-Mobile to offer 5G internet connection to kids for free

T-Mobile was recently in the news because it will stop support for the phones that aren’t compatible with VoLTE. Along with that, the company...
Antitrust Hearing on Big Tech

Antitrust Hearing: Members Summoned Big Tech CEOs at Capitol Hill

Right now, Antitrust Hearing before the Congress are the hottest topic in the US, besides COVID-19. The House Judiciary Committee has published a series...
Google Augmented Reality

Google: You Can Now Watch Prehistoric Creatures and NASA Artifacts in...

Google is trying to enter into every segment of the tech industry if they are serious about it, how could they leave the very...
hard foke cryptocurrency

Can A Hard Fork Affect Cryptocurrency Price?

If you are into cryptocurrency world, you must be aware about Bitcoin & Bitcoin cash (the fork of bitcoin) and it's the best example...
North Smart Glasses

North Smart Glasses to Stop Working From July 31, 2020

The race for smart glasses is gaining traction among the tech giants once again. Even Indian telecom company released a smart glass called Jio...

Level Touch: A new smart lock to unlock your door

It’s 2020, and everything is slowly getting connected to the internet, you must’ve heard of IoT. Well, it’s time to move on from smart...

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