Castlevania Season 4: All Updates in One Place

Castlevania Season 4

If you have a thing for vampires and zombies, you are surely going to enjoy watching Netflix’s Castlevania series. At the same time, those who have watched it are eagerly waiting for Castlevania Season 4. The series has so far completed three seasons, and it’s quite popular amongst the Netflix crowd. 

No matter how many times we have read books or watched the movies on Dracula, the subject remains evergreen for the content creators to come up with new stories.

There have been plenty of movies and a few TV shows on Count Dracula, but this Netflix show is unlike anything you have ever seen. 

Firstly, the show is animated. The smooth animation will give you the next level of pleasure. Second, you don’t have to clump it with other kids-friendly cartoon shows. There’s violence, gore in every episode. 

Comparing the animation quality, it’s safe to say that Castlevania is America’s answer to the Japanese anime if that’s what you want to call it. Let’s talk about Castlevania Season 4, when it comes out, and all the other updates.

Castlevania Season 4: Release Date

The first episode of Castlevania season one was released on Netflix on July 07, 2017. The first season had four episodes. Then after one year in 2018, the second season was aired. The second season consisted of eight episodes.

The third season of the show, released on March 05, 2020, has ten episodes. 

Naturally, the fans are now waiting for the release date for Castlevania Season 4. Warren Ellis has confirmed the news in his Instagram post. The show has received a good audience response. However, the official release date for Castlevania Season 4 is not announced yet. 

Judging by the record of previous seasons, we are sure that it will not be here before 2021 by any means. Another issue is, the show’s executive producer, Adi Shankar is busy with his other project, Devil May Cry

That leaves us with the ambiguity around Castlevania’s actual production. Even if Adi Shankar and the team get back to work, we have a new situation facing us: Coronavirus

Castlevania: The Cast for New Episodes

Castlevania Season 4

The cast for the new season is declared to be the following, we might be getting new faces as well: 

Adrian Tepes – James Callis

Sypha Belnades – Alejandra Reynoso

Hector – Theo James

Isaac – Adetokumboh M’Cormack

Carmilla – Jaime Murray

Lenore – Jessica Brown Findlay

Morana – Yasmine Al Massri

Striga – Ivana Milicevic

St Germain – Bill Nighy

Trevor Belmont – Richard Armitage

Count Vlad Dracula Tepes – Graham McTavish

The fourth season is speculated to have the possible entry of Count Dracula’s wife, and parents. However, nothing is confirmed as of now. 

Castlevania Season 4: Plot

Potential Spoiler Alert

The question is, what will be the potential plot of season four? In the third season’s finale, we saw Alucard killing Taka and Sumi and hanging their bodies outside of the Castle. Whereas, Sypha and Trevor fight against the mad monks of Lindenfeld. 

We saw St Germain entering into the Infinite Corridor and closing the door. Now, there is a possibility that Lord Dracula might return with his dead army, and ofcourse, his wife. Opening of the Infinite Corridor means St Germain to come out.  

 Besides, we are yet to see Carmilla executing her evil plan. A big showdown with all the parties coming together might happen in the final season. However, all this is just speculation. 

Trailer of Castlevania

No, the trailer of Castlevania Season 4 is not out yet. We are not sure when it will be out. We are keeping the track of updates on production, which we are sure might start after this pandemic is over. 

Final Words

Even though the show is animated, it manages to keep you hooked. You will certainly enjoy it even if dark fantasy or horror shows are not your cups of tea. Warren Ellis, who is the creator of the series, also hinted that this most likely will be the end of the show. No season five will be there. 

After seeing the new season’s response, they can change their mind and go for another one. Nothing is confirmed as of now except the renewal of the show. We hope Adi Shankar will return soon on this project. 

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