What is Carding ? Is it Legal ? Everything you need to know

If you have received a text on your Whatsapp/Facebook Inbox claiming that you can own a smart phone such as iPhone 6s and Samsung Edge for 5x less than the actual price, then it is most probably a scam.

What is Carding ?

Carding is a fraud technique used by some people to make easy money, Basically they buy stolen credit and debit cards information such as Name,Address,CVV,Expiry date and then they make an order for you with those stolen credit cards.

How do they Carders this Information ?

These Stolen credit cards information is purchased from dark web sites or some forums. According to Wikipedia, these details are sold for as low as 5$ – 40$ per card. The hackers steal this information using variety of techniques such as Skimming Credit Cards, Phishing,Purchasing Cards.

Skimming Credit Cards : Credit Card skimming is a technique where a credit card information can be stolen by installing skimmers in ATM Machines. Below is a picture of what a skimmer looks like, as soon as you enter your credit card or debit card into one of the ATM machines that has skimmer installed and enter your PIN to withdraw money the skimmer will record all your credit card information.

Phishing : Phishing is an another technique used by fraudsters, Basically they send you a fake link for your bank login which looks like a real bank website and as soon as your enter all your details your credit card details will be compromised and the fraudsters get access to your credit cards in no time.

Purchasing : Stolen credit cards are purchased on Dark Web, They are sold for as low as 40$ per card.

Is Carding Legal ?

Carding is absolutely illegal, If you have found to be using someone else’s credit card and doing fraud you’ll be looking around 2 years – 5 years prison time if you’re found guilty of the crime. If you have bought anything using the carding method or if you are a carder, authorities will find you in no time and you’ll be spending your time in prison at least for sometime.

Generally,you’ll find carders offering their services mainly on social media sites such as Instagram,Facebook and twitter and many youngsters get attracted to these fraudsters offers.

Carding Scams

Some fraudsters are disguising themselves as carders and collecting an advance of 10 – 20% upfront before sending the product and looting innocent people.


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