Call the Midwife Season 9 and Their Special Christmas Episode Is All We Would Love to See.

Call the Midwife Season 9

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We have covered everything we know so far. And I know all the true fans of the show (Call the midwife Season 9) are very much excited to know about it. so, What about you? 

The title depicts that there is a special Christmas episode which is a reward for us and we all loved to see and those who wanted me to reveal the truth then stayed on this page till the end. 

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  • Call the Midwife is a British period drama television series.
  • It is based on the best-selling memoirs of former nurse Jennifer Worth.
  • The running time of the series is 60-90 minutes.
  • The production company is Neal Street Productions
  • The distributor of the series is All3Media.

Call the Midwife Season Nine: What’S It about?

Call the Midwife Season 9

About season nine of Call the Midlife, the channel said, “Opening with Winston Churchill’s funeral in January 1965, the ninth series continues with Nonnatus House entering a bold and new era. Our general team of health workers and midwives are facing unexpected challenges as population dynamics, laws change, and old diseases return to haunt them. 

In the description, Heidi Thomas added: “After the magical Christmas experience in the Hebrides with wild seas, stormy skies and other disobedient sheep, we return to the tragic reality of city life in 1965. The community is changing rapidly and in the ninth series we will see Nonnatus House being moved to its foundations. ”

The series tells a few great storylines. It includes new doctor Kevin McNulty who helps Dr. Turner with his work and becomes everyone’s favorite at Poplar. The problem was that one of the junior doctors kept a dark secret from everyone including himself, at risk. For one thing, Nurse Valerie is in constant contact with her grandmother Elsie, who is in prison, and she is concerned about her health. At the end of the series it was concluded that with the death of Elsie, Val was left alone struggling with grief.

Nurses Lucille and Cyril have their own unique stories in this series, as they are so busy with work that they have stopped spending time together. They put their relationship on the line and by the end of the season, they put their cards on the table according to their feelings for each other. Another major plot taking place in the series is the threat to the continued maintenance of Nonnatus House.

This comes to an end when Sister Julienneis tells her that her spending budget should be halved while the Nonnatus House tax is set high – rocket. After Sister Monica Joan received a series of letters from the 1920’s, proving how much the community relied on Nonnatus House, Nurse Trixie gave a lovely talk leading to a full budget.

Casting Members of Call the Midwife Season 9

Call the Midwife Season 9

These are the casting members of the series (Call the midwife Season 9)

  • Miriam Margolyes (Mother Mildred), 
  • Jenny Agutter (Sister Julienne), 
  • Linda Bassett (Nurse Crane), 
  • Judy Parfitt (Sister Monica Joan), 
  • Ella Bruccoleri (Sister Frances), 
  • Helen George (Trixie), 
  • Laura Main (Shelagh Turner), 
  • Jennifer Kirby (Valerie), 
  • Leonie Elliott (Lucille), 
  • Stephen McGann (Dr Turner), 
  • Cliff Parisi (Fred), 
  • Annabelle Apsion (Violet), 
  • Fenella Woolgar (Sister Hilda), 
  • Georgie Glen (Miss Higgins), 
  • Max Macmillan (Timothy), 
  • Trevor Cooper (Sgt Woolf) and 
  • Daniel Laurie (Reggie).

Episode List/ Call the Midwife Season 9

Episode Directed by Written by Original air date
Christmas special Syd Macartney Heidi Thomas 25 December 2019
Episode 1 Kate Cheeseman Heidi Thomas 5 January 2020
Episode 2 Kate Cheeseman Debbie O’Malley 12 January 2020
Episode 3 David O’Neill Helen Raynor 19 January 2020
Episode 4 David O’Neill Paul Walker 26 January 2020
Episode 5 Noreen Kershaw Jonathan Harvey 2 February 2020
Episode 6 Noreen Kershaw Carolyn Bonnyman 9 February 2020
Episode 7 Syd Macartney Andrea Gibb 16 February 2020
Episode 8 Syd Macartney Heidi Thomas 23 February 2020

Trailer : Call the Midwife Season 9

We have mentioned the trailer of (Call the Midwife Season 9) given below. Just click on the video and enjoy it.

Ratings : Call the Midwife Season 9

The show (Call the midwife Season 9) holds an imdb rating of 8.8 out of 10 .

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Call the Midwife Season 9

Call the Midwife Season 9

Is Call the Midwife Based on a True Story?

Call the Midwife is not exactly based on a true story. The show is inspired by a series of memoirs, Call the Midwife, Shadows of the Workhouse, and Farewell to the East End which was written by Jennifer Worth.

Is Season 9 of Call the Midwife on Netflix?

Yes, All the nine seasons of Call the Midwife are available for the US viewers on Netflix.

Is There Going to Be a Season 10 of Call the Midwife?

It has been confirmed that the tenth season will be released here for all of us to watch on October 3, 2021 on Masterpiece on PBS. All the episodes will air every Sunday at 8 p.m. EST. In addition to the season itself, a special compilation episode titled “Special Delivery” will air on November 21, 2021 in celebration of the show’s 10th season.

Is Call the Midwife Coming Back in 2021?

CALL THE MIDWIFE is one of most loved and popular dramas which is  returning for its tenth season.Season 10 will premiere on PBS on October 3, 2021. The CALL THE MIDWIFE holiday special will air on December 25, 2021.

What Happened in the Christmas 2020 Special?

Call the midwife back briefly in 2020 with its special annual Christmas episode. Here we find out that Valerie left Nonnatus House to work in South Africa. Spread the joy as the circus arrives in town. But its owner has hidden his cancer from his heavily pregnant daughter. This happened in the 2020 episode. Let’s see what happens now in the 2021 special Christmas season.

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