BTS Jungkook hickey, Jimin kissing V makes Jikook and Vmin rule Twitter

BTS Jungkook’s hickey followed by V and Jimin’s adorable moment from BTS memories are ruling Twitter, and BTS ARMY are swooning over new Jikook and Vmin moments.

Bangtan Boys have always been adored for their familial bond with each other and every year when BTS memories surface, ARMY gets to enjoy it all over again!

In the latest saga of BTS’ PDA, Jimin took the front seat and showered love on the younger members. Take a look at the adorable moments of Jikook and Vmin below.

BTS Jungkook’s ‘hickey’ from Jimin in BTS memory sweeps the Internet

BTS Jungkook was spotted with a bite mark on BTS memory. When asked about it, he said that he was drinking with Jimin and started spinning him. When he felt dizzy, he ended up biting his neck to make him stop.

Jimin quickly apologized to Jungkook for biting his neck while Jin playfully offered to leave another mark! The short clip of Jungkook narrating the incident was enough for BTS ARMY to go bonkers. Watch the video here.

Fans were convinced that the bite mark can be called a ‘hickey.’ A fan playfully explained, “A bite mark is supposed to be a big circle with indents of your teeth and the indents wouldn’t really stay that long probably just a few mins and it’ll be gone. SO IN CONCLUSION JIMIN GAVE JUNGKOOK A HICKEY!”

Vmin doing regular ‘soulmate’ stuff

BTS V, aka Kim Taehyung, and Jimin are usually known as ‘soulmates.’ In another short clip, Jimin and V lift hands to give a high five and Jimin ends up lightly kissing Taehyung’s hands.

A fan rightly described the moment saying, “endearing moments like this makes my heart so soft! Vmin is just so pure with their soulmate relationship!”

The adorable moments shared from BTS memories made one fan quip, “Jimin kissed Taehyung’s hands. Jimin bite Jungkook’s neck. Tae kissed and hugged joon. Tae is all whipped over Kook’s my time performance. Kook held members up in his arms for stretching. Vhope back hug and a lot more…. THIS IS THEIR STRICT BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP!”

Jungkook’s selfie

Amidst the trending discussion of Jungkook’s bite mark being perceived as a ‘hickey,’ JK uploaded a new selfie on Twitter! Some fans quipped that he is trying to ‘distract’ ARMY! A fan joked, “did Jungkook post a selca to distract us about the hickey earlier??”

Meanwhile, BTS released the ‘Permission To Dance’ ARMY special compilation video along with their chart with Coldplay’s Chris Martin on September 10th. Watch the videos below.

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