Brad Pitt’s Lawyers say Angelina Jolie is Trying to Delay Custody Case by Seeking Judge’s Removal

Brad Pitt

Back in 2016, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt filed divorce, but their divorce has not been finalized yet. In 2019, the court granted the single status to the pair. Now some latest news reveals that on Monday, Angelina Jolie filed a request to remove the judge.

John W. Ouderkirk is the same judge which they had hired back in 2017 for divorce and also married them in 2014. Continue reading to find more.

Jolie Requests to Remove the Private Judge in the Divorce Case

Angelina Jolie (45) and Brad Pitt’s (56) case is getting very complicated now. They have entered into another feud over Angelina’s request for the removal of John W. Ouderkirk. She took this step because their attorney has a business relationship with Brad’s attorney.

Apart from that, Mr and Mrs Smith’s actress also accused their judge of being biased because she found out that he was working on other divorce cases with one of Brad’s lawyers.

She believes that if he continued to be the judge of their divorce case, then she would lose the divorce battle.

Later on, Brad gave a befitting response to her accusations. He accused her back for attempting to stall their divorce case ahead of their child custody trial in October. Moreover, Pitt’s team also said that Pitt’s ex-wife knew about the judge’s business relationship, and never objected to his involvement until now.

One of Jolie’s attorneys said to the news agency that Mr Pitt has tried to intervene before the response of the judge. It concludes that they are trying to influence Judge Ouderkirk’s answer. The attorney also said that they are trying to create a special exception for their client’s benefit by delaying the preceding of the case.

Besides, some sources reveal that John W. Ouderkirk married them in 2014. He was someone who knew her team very well. Also, her lawyer has worked with the judge in the past.

Now, she has filed the case to remove John W. Ouderkirk because her team knew that they would lose the case, and they had to delay by changing the judge before it’s very late. She and her team did not know that excuses like these won’t work to win the case.

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