Boondocks Season 5: McGruder Is Willing To Work On This Or Not After HBO’s Statement?

Boondocks Season 5

How do you spend most of your time? I know many of you will say by watching web series and tv shows, don’t get surprised, I do mind readings too 😉 I know you guys are here to discover more about the Boondocks Season  5? If, so then let’s start our post without wasting a single second.

What Do We Know About The Boondocks Season 5?

Boondocks series is an American-adult animated series. This series is not an original content of Aron McGruder infact the series is inspired by the Comic-Strip named Boondocks.

The series was premiered on the Cartoon Network, I love watching CN like how good the cartoons are, what is your favorite cartoon series of CN? Tell us in our comment section.

Coming to the focus topic, Boondocks season 5. When will we get the Boondocks? Continue reading to know the dates…

Boondocks Season 5

What Do We Know About The Release Date of Season 5?

As we know the Boondocks is an adult anime that is premies on Adult Swim. The series walks with us from 2005 and ends up with four seasons. The fourth installment ended in 2014. After that, there we haven’t heard more about the show except for one thing that “there will be season 5”.

It was confirmed in 2019 by McGruder that “there will be season 2 very soon”. But I don’t think so because we are in 2021 and haven’t seen more from Rodney.

Frankly speaking, it’s been more than six years waiting for the Boondocks 5 but fans are still in wait for the show because the series hits the genre of the best show.

Note: A petition also fired against them to make the fifth slice.

It is also assuming that the series is in production and we will get the series soon in 2021. Let’s sit and wait for the official statements regarding the same. When we get more about the release, then we would love to update more fresh items in the identical post, so don’t forget to bookmark us.

If, the series renews then what would be the plotline and what about the characters? Let’s check them out too 🙂

Expected Storyline of Boondocks Season 5

The Boondocks doesn’t focus on one single character. In this we see stories of different characters which is good, I think because the creators are not stuck on the same figure.

We have seen Colonel H. become a very famous and popular face when his fight video got revealed in front of the surroundings. On the other hand, Riley Freeman was also punished by calling someone “gay” like making funs of one’s individuality is not a good act.

Seeing this act of Freeman the school decided to insult him on this and also marked him as retard. The ending is quite unfinished, I think because it’s no a happy one like every time we look for a happy ending.

Maybe the creators have decided to do this in the fifth installment but the plot is not revealed yet. When we get the official plotline for the fifth installment then we would update the latest stuff in the same post.

Characters of Boondocks Season 5

Here comes the most formative moment of this post. It’s time to reveal the characters in front of my dear reader. We could hope to see some new characters in adult drama but the old remains constant. We don’t have more knowledge about the new characters because they are not revealed yet but we could recall the old characters for those who haven’t about them!

  • Huey Freeman
  • Riley Freeman
  • Robert Freeman
  • The DuBois family
  • Jazmine DuBois
  • Sarah DuBois
  • Thomas Lancaster DuBois

Other Characters

  • Uncle Ruckus
  • Wuncler Jr
  • Rothschild Wuncler Sr
  • Otis Jenkins
  • Leonard
  • Otis Jenkins

Any Trailer of Boondocks Season 5

A lot of people are looking for the official trailer of the Boondocks but there is no trailer at this time because there is no confirmation of the release date. Once the dates get confirms, after that we could hope to get the trailer.

For the moment you can watch this fan-made version in which you’ll find a number of things regarding the series. Watch this video and tell us your expectations regarding to the same!

Last Lines

This post is completely inspired by the Boondocks Season 5. The creators aren’t saying about this but in 2019, HBO said that the show will be renewed again but they haven’t clarified this again. For the moment I recommend you to go for some new web series like The Rook Season 2, Sandition 2, and Virgin River Season 3.

Or you can simply visit our Web series category.

Do you have something in your mind? Willing to ask us? Go ahead, we will give you an instant answer to your query.

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