Blue Jays Have a Long Baseball History

Blue Jays

It is almost more than decades since 1915 that a big league baseball game is in town and there is a coincidence that these two decades had seen two global pandemics and now it is yet another pandemic which is witnessed during the Blue Jays baseball game in town.

Buffaloes are synonymous with the term City of Good Neighbors and offering a minor league ballpark to The Big League neighbor in need is indeed being neighborly. The Bisons had played major leagues during 1879 to 1885 in the NL and the baseball’s first 300 game winner who was the hall of famer, was a part of the game and the buffaloes played as Bisons in 1890 and as Buffers in 1914 and as the Buffalo blues in 1915.

Now the blues have gone from Blue to Blue Jays and the Buffalo Blue jays will be playing at Sahlen Field named for a local company that makes hot dogs and the history of Buffalo’s baseball is mostly minor league.

The Bisons had played from 1912 to 1970 in the International League so it means that Canada is paying off as the Blue Jays are coming. In 1979 Bisons played at the War memorial Stadium.

For more than a century this will be the first time this is a Major League baseball and history shows that Blue Jays eked out a 5-4 win on Travis Shaw in the 10th inning over the Miami marlins after a three run lead in the ninth.

With so much happening around the globe they are an extra long shot to win the World Series and the Blue Jays are finding a summer home in Buffalo in playing this match at the Sahlen Field.

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